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economics lecture
  SAEED BOOK BANK Page#1 F-7, Jinnah Super, Islamabad Ph: 2651656-9, Fax: 265166, !mail: sales saeedb$ban$%&m, 'eb: (((%saeedb$ban$%&m S.# ISBN/TAG Author Title Cur. Price COMMERCE.ECONOMICS 12926)1  * +amid Shahid Prin&iples  !&nmi&s II .a&r !&nmi&s *nd /s)% !&nmi& 0eelpmen  Pa$isan2569)6  * +amid Shahid Prin&iples  !&nmi&s .ahemai&al !&nmi&s /s)% .i&r !&nmi&s3292696  *% +amid Shahid  *gri&ulure !&nmi&s /s3% )9744176)45951  *%% Shriasaa Susainable 0eelpmen Indian9% 5974969)611)26  *%/% emal PI0!s nribuin  Pli&8 .a$ing /s5% 6974969)611)19  *%/% han PI0!s nribuin  0eelpmen hin$ing he /s5% !arlier Phase726455  *bdul +aleem ha( !&nmi& her8 Par 1 asi& .ahemai&s *nd /s265% .i&r !&nmi&s4)176)4  *bdul +aleem ha( !&nmi& her8 Par II .a&r !&nmi&s *nd /s2)% !&nmi& 0eelpmen  Pa$isan Fr *%S&%Sudens9974553545971  *dam Smih he 'ealh  ;ains <S%=7%99 19744173)5)55  *di8a haa&har>e ?lbali@ain 0eelping !&nmies Indian)75% 11974121615  *lan S% linder  ;aural /esur&es <n&erain8,*nd ?eneral <S%=6%5 !Auilibrium S8sems129744131717257  *lred ' Snier   * exb$  !&nmi& her8 Indian725% 139749755771241  *li ahadir   *&ademi& /eading In Fu&us /s)95% 1)9742561)22)  *llen B% 'ebser   *pplied Saisi&s Fr usiness *nd !&nmi&s <%P6% 151)269)  *lpha Ba@$e he 'ide 'rld  lhing% !&nmi&s S&ial <%P7% Segnii&an&e16974195651317  *mar8a Sen /esur&es Calues *nd 0eelpmen Indian)95% 1797441315244)  *ndersn%S(eene8 ' Saisi&s Fr usiness *nd !&nmi&s Indian625% 14974194712633  *ndre( ?illespie usiness !&nmi&s Indian)59% 19974145343745  *nd8 rump 0i&inar8  !nirnmen *nd 0eelpmen Peple <%P15% Pla&es Ideas *nd rgani@ains2974714624  *nsel . Sharp harl !&nmi&s  S&ial Issuses <S%=29%95 219747127)74  *nsel Sharp !&nmi&s  S&ial Issues <S%=29%75 229744129174)4  *run Shurie +aresing ur Suls .issinaries heir 0esign Indian295% heir laims239744131))247  Su>aha ?ing ?lbal Sraegies *nd !xperien&es Indian)25% 2)9744171)1594 %B% .ahur  !&nmi& Pli&8 *nd Perrman&e Indian925% 25974414124329 adi +% alagi !&nmeri&s Indian595% 2614571) adiuddin * han rade <ninism *nd Indusrial /elains In /s5% Pa$isan27974)15)1)593 erbard +e$man he 'rld rade rgani@ain Ba( !&nmi&s *nd <%P19%99 Plii&s2497452145913 errand .% /ehne 0riing Fr&es In Ph8si&al ilgi&al *nd S&i <S%=75% !&nmi& Phenmena299747993194 ill8 !% ?ille Inrdu&in  perains /esear&h * mpuer  <S%=1%95 riened *lgrihmi& *ppra&h3974711511)6 radle8 /%S&hiller  he !&nm8 da8 <S%=37%95 31974413151)795 raham an@er  ! usiness her8 *nd Pra&i&e Indian225% 329744176)45661 ri> % aimni 'ar n Per8 Indian695% 339744131521461  Jin his8 S8sems !ngineering 'ih !&nmi&s Prbabili8 Indian1999%  *nd Saisi&s3)239271 ambridge ' *greemen n 0 /m Issuse 1 he Begal <%P27%99 exs !nglish Fren&h *nd Spanish *nd S&hedulesSeri&es !nglish nl83597471243199 ampbell / .&nne nemprar8 Babr !&nmi&s <S%=35%95 3697471112123 ampbell /% rue !&nmi&s <S%=39%)5 37974712)91) ampbell /% .&&nn !&nmi&s Prin&iples Prblems *nd Pli&ies <S%=25%95 3497415563)44 harles nrad Sraegi& rgani@ainal mmuni&ain: In * <S%=)7%95 ?lbal !&nm83997419491743 harles 0% lsad Inermediae !nirnmenal !&nmi&s Indian65% )974413152172) hrispher Sn8der .i&re&nmi& her8 asi& Prin&iples *nd Indian55% !xensins)19745217665) lar$ err  .arshall, .arx *nd .dern imes he .uli <S%=)%95 0imensinal S&ie8)297476652 0amdar ; ?u>arai asi& !&nmeri&s <S%=1%5 )3974146173721 0aniel ,nnell .* aseb$: .anagemen Prgrammes * he <%P16%5 'rld,s p usiness Insiuins))9747)711699 0ann8 Samsn !-usiness Calue reain Fr .anagemen <S%=29%75 )597441265)716 0aid esan$, 0ai !&nmi&s  Sraeg8 Inernainal Suden Indian629% Cersin)69747165544 0aid  lander  !&nmi&s <S%=39%75 )7974712275 0aid P 0ane Bri  *pplied Saisi&s In usiness *nd !&nmi&s <S%=39%75 )49747614)11 0aid P 0ane,Bri  *pplied Saisi&s In usiness *nd !&nmi&s <S%=13%95 )9974)31297) 0aid Smih < urren !&nmi& Pli&8 <%P)%75 597476152995 0iane inne8 rgani@e Dur Finan&es 'ih Eui&$en 21 <S%=19%99 519744139551 0r *sh$ umar .a rgani@ainal Saraegies *nd Pr&esses .eeing Indian995% hallenges  ?r(h52974412192)63) 0r   0e(e, . + .dern !&nmi& her8 Indian65%  SAEED BOOK BANK Page#1 F-7, Jinnah Super, Islamabad Ph: 2651656-9, Fax: 265166, !mail: sales saeedb$ban$%&m, 'eb: (((%saeedb$ban$%&m S.# ISBN/TAG Author Title Cur. Price 53974417494)16 0r Sabahuddin *@mi Islami& !&nmi&s Indian1% 5)9744121932523 0r Sara handra Pa  * mprehensie exb$  usiness Indian175% !&nmi&s55292993 0r% .hammad uba ;rh 'es Frnier Prin&e Priae Inesmen /s3% ?r(h *nd 0eelpmen56162254 0r% .uhammad +uss !&nmi& her8 Cl I %*%S&%lasses /s175% 57162265 0r% .uhammad +uss !&nmi& her8 Cl II %*%S& lasses /s2% 54974969))47)9 0r% .uhammad ;e>au 0ialgue In Islami& !&nmi&s /s35% 59974412976553 0r% /ai ala$a !-usiness 2% /admap Fr Su&&ess Indian325% 69744123))2 !  +un, .ar$ Bau +isr8  !&nmi& hugh Indian)25% 619744131))621 ! .rudula Plasi& .ne8 *n Inrdu&in Indian)25% 62974251227)5 !d(ard /% .ansield Sud8 ?uide Fr Saisi&s Fr .anagemen *nd <S%=17% !&nmi&s6397471354965 !d(ard  0(ling Inrdu&in  .ahemai&al !&nmi&s S&haum,s <S%=15%95 uline  her8 *nd Prblem6)1)2229 !d(in S%.ills <rban !&nmi&s <S%=24%95 651)5549 !li ?in@berg he Pluralisi& !&inm8 <S%=3%95 661)2474 !li ?in@berg he Pluralisi& !&nm8 <S%=3%95 6797414))73399 !rns <lri&h Bimis  Priai@ain +(  *id  .u&h   Indian995%  * ?d hing64239) Fa@al arim 0ar  !&nm8  Pa$isan /s1% 69974413152976 Fran&is G 0iebld !lemen  Fre&asing Indian325% 79747127445 Fran$ Prin&iples  !&nmi&s <S%=39%95 71974776552 Fran$ S udni&$  *pplied .ahemai&s Fr usiness !&nmi&s *nd <S%=11%95 he S&ial S&ien&e7297441762916) ? S ara !nrepreneurship *nd Small S&ale Indusries ;e( Indian34% Penials7397441762953)5 ? S ara ?lbalisain  Finan&ial .ar$es Indian3% 7)974412652293 ? Sudha Sadasiam .iddle(are H !nerprise Inegrain e&hnlgies Indian399% 7597454221491 ?%F Sanla$e Saring !&nmi&s <%P19%95 769749971513432 ?%S% .addala Inrdu&in  !&nmeri&s <S%=7%9 779741957141 ?arald .% .eirer  Beading Issues In !&nmi& 0eelpmen <S%=)7%95 749744179921421 ?ar8 !nglish,Ph%0 Pra&i&al Sraegies Fr pimi@ing 'r$ Fr&e Indian475% Perrman&e Sling he Peple Pu@@le79974619213312 ?ar8 p% S&hneider  !le&rni& mmer&e he Se&nd 'ae <S%=3)%75 4974195691955 ?e la&$  *pplied Finan&ial *&&uning *nd /epring Indian31% 41974712727) ?erge J r>as Babr !&nmi&s <S%=29%95 429749412531322 ?erge Snehuse ?lbal *nd ransnainal usiness Sraeg8 *nd <S%=6% .anagemen432512) ?ernmen  Pa$i Pa$isan !&nmi& Sure8 23 ) /s)5% 4)33327 ?  Pa$isan Pa$isan !&nmi& Sure8 26-7 /s5% 45234175 ?% Pa$isan Pa$isan 23 Saisi&al P&$e b$ /s1% 46974)7129599 ?raham ann&$ he !&nmis $s: 0i&inar8  !&nmi&s <S%=29%95 479742323569) ?raham .allard he !&nmi&s mpanin <%P21%99 44974746)7293 ?(illim Ba(  *dminisraie Subdiisins  unries <S%=47%95 499744144436161 +  Sinha 0eelpmen * he rssrads Impa& n /ural Indian575% 0eelpmen99744121917919 + B *hu>a usiness !&nmi&s Indian5% 91974412192)47 + B *hu>a !&nmi& !nirnmen  usiness .a&re&nmi& Indian295%  *nal8sis922)2233 +abib <llah Fundamenals  !&nmi&s Par 1 /s1)% 932642) +abib <llah Caseer  Fundamenals  !&nmi&s Par ll Fr  /s25% Inermediae lasses9)97475429)1 +aig / ;arbanian,/ Pla8  Dur Srenghs Indian225% 9597441231627 +are8 .%'agner  Prin&iples  perain /esear&h 'ih Indian575%  *ppli&ains  .anagerial 0e&isins96974)15217262 +rs Sieber he 'rld !&nm8 <S%=36%95 97974117)6173 Irene  B ;? reaing ;e( .ar$es In he 0igial !&nm8 Indian595% Calue *nd 'rh94974969)23492 Ishra +usain 0llars 0eb *nd 0ei&is /erm *nd .anagemen /s695%  Pa$isans !&nm89997441232446 J ar$le8 /sser  mparaie !&nmi&s In * ransrming 'rld Indian)25% !&nm8197414)33)137 J  Suresh,ai .a en Seps  .auri8 In n(ledge .anagemen Indian595% Bessns In !&nm8119743)4)96)) J% Jnahan ?aba8 'eb .ar$eing In * 'ee$ <%P6%99 1297427326)33 J%B% +ansn  * exb$  !&nmi&s /s3% 13974412324491 Ja$sa iani& Inrdu&in  he !&nmi&s *nd .ahemai&s   Indian395% Finan&ial .ar$es1)9747115192 James *%,rien Inrdu&in  Inrmain S8sems !ssenials Fr  <S%=39%95 he ! usiness !nerprise1597441399561 James  8&e,.ada Pea&e *nd he Publi& Purse !&nmi& Pli&ies Fr  Indian195% Ps(ar Ssebuilding16974754673 James B /iggs, 0a !ngineering !&nmi&s <S%=1%95 17974413151427) James / .&guigan,/ !&nmi&s Fr .anagers Indian55% 149744123)7526 Jan  rue&$ner  Be&ures n <rban !&nmi&s Indian)25% 199744126551246 Janine 'arner  S&ial .edia 0esign Fr 0ummies Indian)99%  SAEED BOOK BANK Page#1 F-7, Jinnah Super, Islamabad Ph: 2651656-9, Fax: 265166, !mail: sales saeedb$ban$%&m, 'eb: (((%saeedb$ban$%&m S.# ISBN/TAG Author Title Cur. Price 1197441231)9 Jean irle he her8  Indusrial rgani@ain Indian)95% 111974413151)672 Je uerield S S$ills Fr !er8ne Indian)5% 112974412976652 Je Sapersein reaing /eginal 'ealh In he Innain Indian595% !&nm8 .dels, Perspe&ies, *nd esPra&i&es11397441399233 Jere8 ?rgger *nd 'elare /erm !e&s  * 0e&ade  hange Indian995% 11)9747)9))91)4 Jerem8 Sran$s he .anagers ?uide  +ealh *nd Sae8 * Indian395% 'r$1159744123116 Jel 0ean .anagerial !&nmi&s Indian275% 116322799 Jel 'asn Sraeg8% *n Inrdu&in  ?ame her8 <S%=33%95 117974273651)6 Jhn eardsha( !&nmi&s * Sudens ?uide <%P3%99 114974195669264 Jhn la&$ 0i&inar8  !&nmi&s Indian255% 1199744145346713 Jhn F%0ue ?ernmen inan&e !&nmi&s  he publi& Indian195% se&r 12974412655229 Jhn +a8dn Fa&eb$ .ar$eing Fr 0ummies Indian)99% 1219744179926116 Jhn e(% Jhn Sr  usiness !nirnmen .anaging In * Sraegi& Indian395% nex12297441396997 Jhn .iddlen ?urus n ! usiness Indian195% 1239744177549672 Jhn Slman Su&li  !&nmi&s Fr usiness Indian499% 12)9744123765 Jhnn8 /% Jhnsn Inrdu&in  0igial Signal Pr&essing Indian25% 1259741925566) Jn +l  * Pragmai& ?uide  usiness Pr&ess .delling Indian295% 126974417)731254 Jnahan !@r  li&$ing hrugh Indian15% 1279747549)34 Jse * Sepuleda !ngineering !&nmi&s Indian145% 12497441394656 Jseph ! Sigli@ !&nmi&s Indian1395% 129974133226)7 Jud8 Frs ! .ar$eing <S%=66%7 139744131))65  Suresh 08nami& Pri&ing n&eps *nd *ppli&ains Indian)25% 1319744121912662  C Sia88a Indian Indusrial !&nm8 Indian15% 132974426325 aren P% .iddlen he !&nmi&s  mmuni&ain * Sele&ed <S%=31% ibligraph8 'ih *bsra&s1339746197537 eni&hi hmae he Inisible ninen <S%=27%5 13)974194292)25 ersin Bindahl iess Ppulain !&nmi& 0eelpmen *nd he <S%=22% !nirnmen he .a$ing  ur mmn Fuure13597496947)45 ha(a>a *m>ad Sae !&nm8  Pa$isan /s275% 1369747)9))446 gan Page ;ains  he 'rld 2) 'rld usiness *nd Indian5995% !&nmi& /eie(13797441317761 Barr8 <llman !rless !-mmer&e 'ih Php *nd .DSEB Indian575% 13497494125359 Bila J% rue .anagerial !&nmi&s *nal8sis Prblems ases <S%=6%5 1399747145241 Bind .ar&hal *nd ' Saisi&al e&hniAues In usiness *nd !&nmi&s <S%=3)%95 1)9741996)2595 Bipse8 *nd hr8sal !&nmi&s Indian515% 1)19741)9376)15 Bi@@ie .unse8 he !&nmi&s $ ig Ideas Simpl8 !xplained <%P16%99 1)2974969)321622 . * .annan Islami& !&nmi&s her8 *nd Pra&i&e * /s14% mparaie Sud81)39744171)16295 . B ;arasaiah Indusrialisain In a&$(ard *reas Indian175% 1))9744171)17694 . B ;arasaiah !mpl8men ?enerain In Indusrial Se&r  Indian225% 1)59744144436239 . B ;arasaiah Per8 *lleiain hrugh /ural 0eelpmen Indian375% 1)6974414443626 . B%;arasaiah Insiuinal Finan&e Fr *gri&ulural 0eelpmen Indian25% 1)79744144436253 . Ba$shmi ;arasaia  *gri&ulure *nd !&nmi&s 0eelpmen Indian25% 1)4)1731 . Shah@ad haudhr  Saisi&s Fr !&nmi&s Fr 0egree *nd Ps /s35% ?raduae Sudens1)99744171)1)635 .% Baxmi ;arasaiah /le  an$ing In /ural 0eelpmen Indian575% 1529276) .% Saeed ;asir  .a&r !&nmi&s *nd !&nmi& 0eelpmen   /s175% Pa$isan Fr % *% Par-II1519744171)1677 .%B%;arasaiah he /le  .i&r redi *nd ;?s In !&nmi&s Indian275% 0eelmen152974414443624) .%Ba$shmi ;arasaia Susainable 0eelpmen  iies Indian325% 153267373 .an>i alra !&nmi& +umanism Indian1)% 15)974969573142 .ansr <l +aA *n . * !&nmi&s Par I *&&rding  he ;e( /s599% S8llabus .s !xpe&ed Euesins 'ih *ns(ers155974969573173 .ansr <l +aA *nd . * !&nmi&s Par II *&&rding  he ;e( /s)5% S8llabus .s !xpe&ed Euesins 'ih *ns(ers156974412975976 .ari J% .iranda *n  *pplied mpuainal !&nmi&s *nd Finan&e Indian)95% 157974426))9535 .ar$ den Seri&es *nd he n(ledge ased !&nm8 <%P1)%95 15497419255431 .ar$ ba8ashi,0r ?lbal Seri&es .ing  * Beel Pla8ing Field Indian295% 1599741944619 .arin J sbrne  *n Inrdu&in  ?ame her8 Indian575% 169741925562 .ar8n * uld usiness Pr&ess .anagemen * /igrus Indian)95%  *ppra&h161974146197714 .ahe( ishp P&$e !&nmis Indian25% 16297411344576)3 .i&hael hishlm /uledge Bibrar8 !diins !&nmi& ?egraph8 12 <%P725% Cl Se16397419449537 .i&hael 0%'hinsn .i&re&nmi& her8 Indian715% 16)97441232)633 .i&hael +8 .ahemai&s Fr !&nmi&s Indian)5% 165974111197)37 .i&hael .elin 'ill Prin&iples  !&nmi&s <S%=)9%95 1669741951)33 .i&hael Peis he Claili8 .a&hine !merging !&nmi&s *nd <%P2)%95 he hrea  Finan&ial llapse1679741)39)6421 .iller *nd Sard !&nmi& !du&ain Fr nsumers <S%=)5% 16425144 .hammad *si .al pi&  pi& 2 Plus Euesin n !&nmi&s /s1% Par 2  SAEED BOOK BANK Page#1 F-7, Jinnah Super, Islamabad Ph: 2651656-9, Fax: 265166, !mail: sales saeedb$ban$%&m, 'eb: (((%saeedb$ban$%&m S.# ISBN/TAG Author Title Cur. Price 169156)17 .hammad *si .al pi&  pi& 2 Plus Euesins n !&nmi&s /s12% 172143) .hammad Saeed  * mprehensie $  !&nmi&s Fr  /s12% %m%Par 1171974969))4417 .uhammad *$ram !&nmi& ea&hings  Prphe .uhammad /s25% 1721559)6 .uhammad *si .al Pa$isan !&nm8 /s15% 173974413151739 ;% ?regr8 .an$i Prin&iples  !&nmi&s Indian595% 17)97414))41336 ;% ?regr8 .an$i( * !&nmi&s <S%=)9%95 175974417)73277) ;%%Jain Saa$shi 0i&inar8  !&nmi&s Indian175% 176357975 ;adeem <l +aAue he Pa$isan 0eelpmen /eie( .near8 Pli&8 /s125%  *nd Inlain Cl-)521779741949979 ;a>eeb Jung he Plii&al !&nm8  !nerg8 *nd ?r(h Indian995% 1749743)472765 ;an&8 'all mplee *- !&nmi&s *nd usiness Sudies <%P9%99 +andb$179974)1543)92 ;eil ?arrd  *&&uning In ansiin <%P55% 14974712))714  Sullian <rban !&nmi&s <S%=31%95 1419747127629  Sullian <rban !&nmi&s <S%=29%95 14297441425121 %P%?el India and Saar& !ngagemens Indian16% 14397419593715 xrd ul$ 22 *sian 0eelpmen <%P12%75 14)974713679142 P%+%llin 0i&inar8  usiness er 12 erms learl8 <%P9%99 0eined Ideal Fr S&hl *nd llege Furhediin145974412329997 Pans .urdu$u usiness Sraeg8 In * Semiglbal !&nm8 Indian195% 1469747)9))5232 Pari&ia Pulliam Phill <ndersanding he asi&s  /eurn n Inesmen Indian195% In raining *ssessing he angible *nd Inangibleeneis1479747771 Paul * Samuelsn * !&nmi&s <S%=12%5 144974933252)4 Paul *dams ?ruped +( Small ?rups  Friends *re he e8 Indian25%  Inluen&e n he S&ial 'eb149974412972))9 Paul ?% ea,Philip .anagerial !&nmi&s !&mnmi& ls Fr  Indian299% da8,s 0e&isin .a$ers199741)2923476 Paul rugman /bi .a&re&nmi&s <%P22%95 1919741)2923469 Paul rugman /bin !&nmi&s <%P29%95 192974333127)69 Peer e8 !urpean .near8 Inegrain <S%=14%95 1939741453436462 Peer Sderbaum !&lgi&al !&nmi&s Indian595% 19)9741453437715 Peer ha8er /bbi ?reening he rprain .anagemen Sraeg8 Indian795%  *nd he !nirnmenal hallenge195357964 PI0! PI0! usiness armeer  /s25% 196974165611532 Prem Shan$ar Jha India * Plii&al !&nm8  Sagnain Indian7% 1979744176)97))2 Pressinal !du&ai I.* Sud8 ex : Fundain Paper 3a !&nmi&s Indian695% Fr usiness Fr *ssessmens 23 *nd 2)1949744121923996 / auer8 !ngineering !&nmi&s *nd Finan&ial *&&uning Indian3)% 199974412317)37 / Panneerselam !ngineering !&nmi&s Indian25% 2974417)73242 /%?%0% *llen .ahemai&al *nal8sis Fr !&nmi&s Indian21% 219744144436215 /%P%.ahapara,%% rprae 0iidend Pli&8 Indian275% 229747251243 /ai .hammed Inerne .ar$eing% uilding *danage In * <S%=6)%75 ;e(r$ed !&nm8239744174942492 /ai$ Issa ee$un Islami& usiness !hi&s Indian7% 2)974412)23965 /am ;arain /e !ngineering% he S8sems *nd Pr&esses Indian295% 2597441315)17 /amu /amanahan Inrdu&r8 !&nmeri&s 'ih *ppli&ains%% Indian)33% 26))2 /ashid *hmad Shibl !&nmi&s b>e&ie .ES Fr Be&urer Sub>e& /s5% Spe&ialis !du&ars SS,PS27357999 /ashid *m>ad he Pa$isan 0eelpmen /eie( Papers *nd /s)% Pr&eedings Cl-)5)249744174457) /ai ala$a Frniers  !le&rni& mmer&e Indian375% 299744131)32)2 /ai umar Jain  B&ali@ain  Inrmain e&hnlg8 *n Indian)25% Inrdu&in211)39)3 /a8mnd J% iegler  Prin&iples  Indusrial .anagemen ase $ <S%=)%95 2119749699)113 /0PI Suh *sia 0isaser /epr 25 a&$ling he /s)2% ides *nd remrs2129749412532329 /i&hard +arris  *pplied ime Series .delling *nd Fre&asing <S%=6% 21397441393972 /ishab *i8er  llabraie (nership *nd he 0igial !&nm8 Indian595% 21)1)26)9 /ber * ?ra8sn Inrdu&in  .ar$eing <S%=9%95 2159747114351 /ber Fran$ Prin&iples  !&nmi&s <S%=)9%95 2169744131516412 /ber J .i&haels !&nmi&s Fr .anagers ransa&ins *nd Indian)99% Sraegies217974412329214 /ber S Pind8&$ .i&re&nmi&s Indian35% 2149746345)64 /ger Ber8 .iller  nsumer !&nmi&s da8 *nd mrr( <S%=11%95 2199743479)5473 /n % .ielhamme .ahemai&al Saisi&s Fr !&nmi&s *nd <%P3% usiness2297414))724) /salind !8ben /elainships Fr *id Indian795% 22197441219294) /uddar 0a Indian !&nm8 Indian55% 2229741176)656 /uh (se  * exb$  ulural !&nmi&s Indian795% 2239744131)33)1 S Ja8a rishna !-!nerprise Perspe&ies In nemprar8 'eb Indian)5% Speed !&nm822)974417629573 S B ?el  *dminisrain *nd .anagemen  ;?s ex *nd Indian99% ase Sud8225974333)67671 S .asn ?S! S&ial *nd !&nmi& +isr8 'r$ u <%P4%99 Series
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