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CURRICULUM VITÆ OF JAMES ELLIOTT PERSONAL Address: Department of Philosophy Purdue University Beering Hall 100 N. University St. West Lafayette, IN 47907 E-mail: Phone: (574) 870-6173 Website: ACADEMIC EMPLOYMENT [1] Instructo
  CV of James Elliott, p.1 Updated 09/19/2017 C URRICULUM   V ITÆ OF  J AMES   E LLIOTT   P ERSONAL   Address:  Department of Philosophy Purdue University Beering Hall 100 N. University St. West Lafayette, IN 47907 E-mail:  Phone:  (574) 870-6173 Website:  A CADEMIC   E MPLOYMENT   [1]   Instructor, Adjunct Faculty of Philosophy  at Indiana University, Kokomo  –   2017- [2]   Instructor   of Philosophy at Purdue University  –   2016- [3]   Instructor of Communication at Purdue University, Honors College and School of Liberal Arts  –   2015- [4]   Instructor   of Religious Studies at Purdue University  –   2016-2017 [5]   Graduate Teaching Assistant at Purdue University (in Religious Studies, Classics, Philosophy, and American Sign Language)  –   2015-2017 E DUCATION   [1]   M.A., Philosophy, Purdue University  –   2017 [2]   B.A., w/Honors & Distinction, Purdue University - 2013 Majors: Religious Studies, Philosophy Minors: Classical Studies, Jewish Studies, History, English [3]   B.S., w/Honors, Purdue University  –   2013 Major:  Psychology (Cognitive and Neuroscience Concentrations) R ESEARCH   A REAS AOS  Philosophical & Systematic Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology AOC  Reformation & Early Modern Theology & Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, New Testament, Method in Religious Studies, Secularism & Ecumenism  CV of James Elliott, p.2 Updated 09/19/2017 P UBLICATIONS   Articles [1]   Elliott,  James. (2017) “The Power of Humility in Sceptical Religion: Why Ietsism is Preferable to J.L. Schellenberg’s Ultimism.” Religious Studies, 53 (1): 97-116. [2]   Elliott, James. (Forthcoming). “ Maimonides and Spinoza on the Knowledge of Good and Evil: A Reappraisal of W.Z. Harvey. ”   Iyyun: The Jerusalem Philosophical Quarterly.   Book Reviews [1]   Elliott, James. (2016) “ Review of Images  by John V. Kulvicki. ”   Philosophical Psychology  , 29 (4), 628-631. Articles in Undergraduate Journals [1]   Elliott, James. (2013) “ Nailing Down Arguments in Ancient Greece: A Gloss on the Logic of Socrates and Aristotle. ”   The Purdue Historian , 6 : 42  –   55. U NDER R EVIEW [1]   “The Anti - Kantian Jesus: Hegel’s Exegesis of the Sermon on the Mount.” (R&R @ Harvard Theological Review  ) [2]   “Skeptical Theism on ‘Pain and Pleasure’: A Response to Draper.” (R&R @   Faith and Philosophy  ) [3]   “Review of Creating Scientific Controversies    by David Harker.”  [4]   “On the Incompatibility of Faith and Intellectual Humility”   W ORKS IN P ROGRESS [1]   Article. “Total Evidence Conciliationism and Intellectual Humility”  [2]   Article. “A Better Approach to Defining ‘Religion’ in Our Multicultural World”  [3]   Article.   “Necessity and Volition in Maimonides’ Account of Creation”   P RESENTATIONS , T ALKS, AND L ECTURES Conference Presentations   [1]   “An Inconsistent Ethics: Hume and Monkish Virtue.” Baptist Association of Philosophy Teachers Biennial Conference , Union University, Jackson, TN.   October 6 th , 2012.   [2]   “Skeptical Theism on ‘Pain and Pleasure’: A Response to Draper.”   a)    Joint Meeting of the Indiana Philosophical Association and the Midwest North American Kant Society  , Indiana University Southeast, New Albany, IN. March 9 th , 2013.  b)   Society of Christian Philosophers Midwest Regional Conference , Georgetown University, Georgetown, KY. April 6 th , 2013. (Presented as: “Can Skeptical Theism Dispel Draper -style Arguments from Evil?”)    CV of James Elliott, p.3 Updated 09/19/2017 [3]   “A Tale of Two Entailments: Susan Haack and Foundationalism.” North Carolina Philosophical Society 2014 Meeting,  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill, NC. February 22 nd , 2014. [4]   “Inflating Truth: Did Crispin Wright Beg the Question? Some Comments on Johnson.” Indiana Philosophical Association Fall 2014 Meeting , Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne (IPFW), Fort Wayne, IN. October 16 th , 2014. [5]   “Concerning the Object of Skeptical Religion: Ultimism or Ietsism?” Fourth Annual Ways of Knowing Graduate Conference in Religion , Harvard University. Cambridge, MA. October 24 th , 2015.   [6]   “Faith and Intellectual Humility: Friends, Foes, or Simply Epistemic Colleagues?” Society of Christian Philosophers Midwest Regional Conference , Evangel University. Springfield, MO. September 24 th , 2016. [7]   “Faith, Intellectual Humility, and Epistemic Deference” Purdue Graduate Philosophy Research Symposium , Purdue University. West Lafayette, IN. February 2 nd , 2017.   [8]   “A Better Route for Defining ‘Religion’ in a Multicultural World.” Purdue Graduate Philosophy Research Symposium , Purdue University. West Lafayette, IN. October 17 th , 2017.   [9]   “On the Incompatibility of Faith and Intellectual Humility.”  American Philosophical Association 2018 Central Meeting.  Chicago, IL. February 28, 2018. Invited Presentations [1]   “On Teaching the Bible in the Public School.” OSLC Adult Forum , Our Savior Lutheran Church (ELCA), West Lafayette, IN. April 21 st , 2013.   [2]   “Faith and Learning as Dialectic.” Baccalaureate Ceremony for the 2014 Graduating Class of North White High School, Monon, IN. June 8 th , 2014. [3]   “Schleiermacher on Doctrinal Propositions.” Guest lecture for PHIL 431, “Contemp orary Religious Thought.”   Prof. Jacqueline Marina. Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. October 24 th , 2014. [4]   “Is Philosophy of Religion Real    Philosophy? Is the Philosophy of Science?” Meeting for the Purdue Philosophical Society, West Lafayette, IN. November 11 th , 2015. [5]   “Erik Wielenberg on Plantingian Theism”  Meeting for the Purdue Philosophical Society, West Lafayette, IN. November 11 th , 2016. Other Presentations [1]   “Interpreting the Apostle Paul through Time: On Approaches, Models, and the Historical Method.” College of Liberal Arts Honors Colloquium , Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. March 6 th , 2013. [2]   “The Evidential Problem of Evil and Skeptical Theism.” 3 rd   Annual Michigan State University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference,  Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. March 15 th , 2013.   [3]   “Some New Trends in Contemporary Philosophy of Religion.” 21 st  Annual Clement S. Stacy Undergraduate Research Conference . Purdue University Calumet, Hammond, IN. April 13 th , 2013.   T EACHING   E XPERIENCE   [1]   Instructor, Adjunct Faculty of Philosophy  at Indiana University, Kokomo a.   PHIL P105  –   Critical Thinking (Distance-Learning) - 2017 [2]   Instructor  at Purdue University, Honors College and School of Liberal Arts a.   PHIL 114: Global Moral Problems - 2017  CV of James Elliott, p.4 Updated 09/19/2017 a.   REL 200: Introduction to Religious Studies  –   2016-2017  b.   PHIL 120: Critical Thinking and the Philosophy of Science  –   2016 c.   COM 114H: Honors Fundamentals of Speech Communication  –   2016-2017 d.   COM 114: Fundamentals of Speech Communication  –   2015-2017 [3]   Graduate Teaching Assistant  at Purdue University, School of Liberal Arts a.   REL 231: Religions of the West  –   2015  b.   CLSC 235: Classical Mythology  –   2016 c.   CLSC 233: Comparative Mythology - 2017 d.   ASL 280: American Deaf Community: Language, Culture, and Society  –   2016 [4]   Course Designer , “The Bible,  Society, and Its Historical Effects ” for Benton Ce ntral High School (Oxford, IN) - 2012. [5]   Tutor , Adult Student Services at Purdue, 2012-2013. Philosophy, Religion, German, English, and Latin R ESEARCH   P ROJECTS  AND I NTERNSHIPS   [1]   Internship with Dr. Jules Janick (Purdue, Horticulture) on the completion of an exhaustive index database of Dioscorides’ De Materia Medica . Fall   2012. My work encompassed the final transliterations for the plant names indexed, pulling from the various Greek, Latin, German, and French editions expanding throughout c. 150  –   1500 C.E. The research has since been published as:   Anna Whipkey, Kirby Kalbaugh, Audra Franz, and Jules J anick. (2014). “A Database for Three Dioscoridean Illustrated Herbals.” HortScience 49 (7): 977-979. [2]   Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research Internship, “A Religious Studies Curriculum”, under the supervision of Dr. Angelica Duran (Purdue, E nglish, Director of Religious Studies). Fall 2012. The project was to build a curriculum for a 10-12 th    grade introductory course on the Bible for a local high school’s (Benton Central High School) social studies program. Dr. Duran, a graduate student in English at Purdue, and I spent the fall 2012 semester developing the course to fit Indiana and federal standards. My specific focus was on the meta-academic and historical & anthropological side of the Bible, covering (i) the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution, (ii) the Separation of Church and State, (iii) the Academic Study of the Bible, (iv) history in (and the historical criticism of) the Old and New Testaments and Apocrypha, (iv) literary criticism of the and New Testaments and Apocrypha, (v) canon studies, and (vi) translation studies. I also designed a field trip to the Purdue Archives and Special Collections, in which the students were to learn about various editions of the Bible and to see parchment/vellum leaflets of illuminated medieval manuscripts.   A WARDS  AND H ONORS   [1]   Scholarship for the 7 th   Annual Philosophy Workshop, “Aquinas on Metaphysics” ($500), Catholic and Dominican Institute of Saint Mary College - 2017 [2]   Charles C. Chappelle Fellowship (19.5K + Tuition), Purdue University  –   2014-2015 [3]   Cecilia Zissis Graduate Scholarship (2K), Purdue University  –   2015-2016 [4]   Eric L. Clitheroe Award ($750, Outstanding Undergraduate in Philosophy), Purdue University  –   2012-2014 [5]    Jerome Frumkin Award (1.2K, Outstanding Undergraduate in Jewish Studies), Purdue University  –   2012-2014 [6]   Indiana Philosophical Association Outstanding Undergraduate Paper Prize ($100)  –   2013 Paper Title: “Skeptical Theism on ‘Pain and Pleasure’: A Response to Draper”  [7]   Matchette Prize ($250, Outstanding Senior in Philosophy), Purdue University  –   2013
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