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Chalcedon Catalog Biblical Law Faith and Obedience: An Introduction to Biblical Law R. J. Rushdoony reveals that to be born again means that wher
   Save 15% on orders of $50 or more ã For Faster Service Order Online at 27 Biblical Law The Institute of Biblical Law (In three volumes, by R. J. Rushdoony) Volume I Biblical Law is a plan for dominion under God, whereas its rejection is to claim dominion on man’s terms. The general principles (commandments) of the law are discussed as well as their specific applications (case law) in Scripture. Many consider this to be the author’s most important work. Hardback, 890 pages, indices, $50.00 Or, buy Vol’s 1 and 2 and receive Vol. 3 FREE! All 3 for only $77.00 (A huge savings off the $110.00 retail price) Volume II, Law and Society The relationship of Biblical Law to communion and community, the sociology of the Sabbath, the family and inheritance, and much more are covered in the second volume. Contains an appendix by Herbert Titus. Hardback, 752 pages, indices, $35.00 Volume III, The Intent of the Law  After summarizing the case laws, the author illustrates how the law is for our good, and makes clear the difference between the sacrificial laws and those that apply today. Hardback, 252 pages, indices, $25.00The Institutes of Biblical Law Vol. 1 (La Institución de la Ley Bíblica, Tomo 1) Spanish version. Great for reaching the Spanish-speaking community. Hardback, 912 pages, indices, $40.00 Ten Commandments for Today (DVD) This 12-part DVD collection contains an in-depth interview with the late Dr. R. J. Rushdoony on the application of God’s law to our modern world. Each commandment is covered in detail as Dr. Rushdoony challenges the humanistic remedies that have obviously failed. Only through God’s revealed will, as laid down in the Bible, can the standard for righteous living be found. Rushdoony silences the critics of Christianity by outlining the rewards of obedience as well as the consequences of disobedience to God’s Word. Includes 12 segments: an introduction, one segment on each commandment, and a conclusion. 2 DVDs, $30.00 Law and Liberty By R. J. Rushdoony. This work examines various areas of life from a Biblical perspective. Every area of life must be brought under the dominion of Christ and the government of God’s  Word. Paperback, 212 pages, $9.00 In Your Justice By Edward J. Murphy. The implications of God’s law over the life of man and society. Booklet, 36 pages, $2.00 Faith and Obedience: An Introduction to Biblical Law R. J. Rushdoony reveals that to be born again means that  where you were once governed by your own word and spirit, you are now totally governed by God’s Word and Spirit. This is because every word of God is a binding  word. Our money, our calling, our family, our sexuality, our political life, our economics, our sciences, our art, and all things else must be subject to God’s Word and requirements. Taken from the introduction in The Institutes of Biblical Law   (foreword by Mark Rushdoony). Great for sharing with others. Paperback, 31 pages, index, $3.00 *Buy Pack of 50 “Faith and Obedience” for only $45.00 (Retails $150.00) Education The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum By R. J. Rushdoony. The Christian School represents a break with humanistic education, but, too often, the Christian educator carries the state’s humanism with him.  A curriculum is not neutral: it’s either a course in humanism or training in a God-centered faith and life. Paperback, 190 pages, index, $16.00 The Harsh Truth about Public Schools By Bruce Shortt. This book combines a sound Biblical basis, rigorous research, straightforward, easily read language, and eminently sound reasoning. It is a thoroughly documented description of the inescapably anti-Christian thrust of any governmental school system and the inevitable results: moral relativism (no fixed standards), academic dumbing down, far-left programs, near absence of discipline, and the persistent but pitiable rationalizations offered by government education professionals. Paperback, 464 pages, $22.00 Intellectual Schizophrenia By R. J. Rushdoony. Dr. Rushdoony predicted that the humanist system, based on anti-Christian premises of the Enlightenment, could only get worse. He knew that education divorced from God and from all transcendental standards would produce the educational disaster and moral barbarism we have today. Paperback, 150 pages, index, $17.00 The Messianic Character of American Education By R. J. Rushdoony. From Mann to the present, the state has used education to socialize the child. The school’s basic purpose, according to its own philosophers, is not education in the traditional sense of the 3 R’s. Instead, it is to promote “democracy” and “equality,” not in their legal or civic sense, but in terms of the engineering of a socialized citizenry. Such men saw themselves and the school in messianic terms. This book was instrumental in launching the Christian school and homeschool movements. Hardback, 410 pages, index, $20.00   Chalcedon Catalog  28  Save 15% on orders of $50 or more ã For Faster Service Order Online at Mathematics: Is God Silent? By James Nickel. This book revolutionizes the prevailing understanding and teaching of math. It will serve as a solid refutation for the claim, often made in court, that mathematics is one subject which cannot be taught from a distinctively Biblical perspective. Revised and enlarged 2001 edition, Paperback, 408 pages, $24.00 The Foundations of Christian Scholarship Edited by Gary North. These are essays developing the implications and meaning of the philosophy of Dr. Cornelius Van Til for every area of life. The chapters explore the implications of Biblical faith for a variety of disciplines. Paperback, 355 pages, indices, $24.00 The Victims of Dick and Jane By Samuel L. Blumenfeld. America’s most effective critic of public education shows us how America’s public schools  were remade by educators who used curriculum to create citizens suitable for their own vision of a utopian socialist society. This collection of essays will show you how and  why America’s public education declined. Paperback, 266 pages, index, $22.00 Revolution via Education By Samuel L. Blumenfeld. Blumenfeld gets to the root of our crisis: our spiritual state and the need for an explicitly Christian form of education. Blumenfeld leaves nothing uncovered. He examines the men, methods, and means to the socialist project to transform America into an outright tyranny by scientific controllers. Paperback, 189 pages, index, $20.00 Lessons Learned From Years of Homeschooling By Andrea Schwartz. After nearly a quarter century of homeschooling her children, Andrea experienced both the accomplishments and challenges that come with being a homeschooling mom. Discover the potential rewards of making the world your classroom and God’s Word the foundation of everything you teach. Paperback, 107 pages, index, $14.00 The Homeschool Life: Discovering God’s Way to Family-Based Education By Andrea Schwartz. This book offers sage advice concerning key aspects of homeschooling and gives practical insights for parents as they seek to provide a Christian education for their children. Paperback, 143 pages, index, $17.00 Teach Me While My Heart Is Tender: Read Aloud Stories of Repentance and Forgiveness  Andrea Schwartz compiled three stories drawn from her family-life experiences to help parents teach children how the faith applies to every area of life. They confront the ugly reality of sin, the beauty of godly repentance, and the necessity of forgiveness. The stories are meant to be read by parents and children together. The interactions and discussions that will follow serve to draw families closer together. Paperback, 61 pages, index, $10.00 Alpha-Phonics: A Primer for Beginning Readers By Sam Blumenfeld. Provides parents, teachers and tutors  with a sensible, logical, easy-to-use system for teaching reading. The Workbook teaches our alphabetic system - with its 26 letters and 44 sounds - in the following sequence: First, the alphabet, then the short vowels and consonants, the consonant digraphs, followed by the consonant blends, and finally the long vowels in their variety of spellings and our other vowels. It can also be used as a supplement to any other reading program being used in the classroom. Its systematic approach to teaching basic phonetic skills makes it particularly valuable to programs that lack such instruction. Spiralbound, 180 pages, $25.00The Alpha-Phonics Readers  accompany the text of Sam Blumenfeld’s  Alpha-Phonics  , providing opportunities for students to read at a level that matches their progress through the text. These eleven readers move from simple sentences to paragraphs to stories, ending with poetry. By the time a student completes this simple program, the phonetic reflex is well-established. This program has also been successfully used with functionally illiterate adults. This set consists of eleven 12-page readers, totaling 132 pages, $22.00How to Tutor  by Samuel Blumenfeld demystifies primary education! You’ll learn that you can teach subjects you already know without requiring specialized academic training or degrees. Here’s what you’ll discover:READING: In 117 lessons, teach any student to read virtually any word in a comprehensive phonics programHANDWRITING: In 73 lessons, train any student to develop the lost art of cursive handwriting  ARITHMETIC: In 67 lessons, enable any student to master the essential calculation skills, from simple addition to long division Paperback, 271 pages, indices, $24.00 American History & the Constitution This Independent Republic By R. J. Rushdoony. Important insight into American history by one who could trace American development in terms of the Christian ideas which gave it direction. These essays will greatly alter your understanding of, and appreciation for, American history. Paperback, 163 pages, index, $17.00 The Nature of the American System By R. J. Rushdoony. Originally published in 1965, these essays were a continuation of the author’s previous work, This Independent Republic  , and examine the interpretations and concepts which have attempted to remake and rewrite  America’s past and present. Paperback, 180 pages, index, $18.00 The Influence of Historic Christianity on Early America By Archie P. Jones. Early America was founded upon the deep, extensive influence of Christianity inherited from the medieval period and the Protestant Reformation. That priceless heritage was not limited to the narrow confines of the personal life of the individual, nor to ecclesiastical structure. Christianity positively and predominately (though   Save 15% on orders of $50 or more ã For Faster Service Order Online at 29 not perfectly) shaped culture, education, science, literature, legal thought, legal education, political thought, law, politics, charity, and missions. Booklet, 88 pages, $6.00 Biblical Faith and American History By R. J. Rushdoony. America was a break with the neoplatonic view of religion that dominated the medieval church. The Puritans and other groups saw Scripture as guidance for every area of life because they viewed its author as the infallible Sovereign over every area. Pamplet, 12 pages, $1.00 The United States: A Christian Republic By R. J. Rushdoony. The author demolishes the modern myth that the United States was founded by deists or humanists bent on creating a secular republic. Pamplet, 7 pages, $1.00 The Future of the Conservative Movement Edited by Andrew Sandlin. The Future of the Conservative  Movement   explores the history, accomplishments and decline of the conservative movement, and lays the foundation for a viable substitute to today’s compromising, floundering conservatism. Booklet, 67 pages, $6.00 The Late Great GOP and the Coming Realignment By Colonel V. Doner. For more than three decades, most Christian conservatives in the United States have hitched their political wagon to the plodding elephant of the Republican Party. This work is a call to arms for those  weary of political vacillation and committed more firmly than ever to the necessity of a truly Christian social order. Booklet, 75 pages, $6.00 American History to 1865 - NOW ON CD! By R. J. Rushdoony. The most theologically complete assessment of early American history available—ideal for students. Rushdoony describes not just the facts of history, but the leading motives and movements in terms of the thinking of the day. Set includes 36 audio CDs, teacher’s guide, student’s guide, plus a bonus CD featuring PDF copies of each guide for further use. Disc 1  Motives of Discovery & Exploration I Disc 2  Motives of Discovery & Exploration II Disc 3  Mercantilism Disc 4  Feudalism, Monarchy & Colonies/ The Fairfax Resolves 1-8 Disc 5  The Fairfax Resolves 9-24 Disc 6  The Declaration of Independence & Articles of Confederation Disc 7  George Washington: A Biographical Sketch Disc 8  The U. S. Constitution, I Disc 9  The U. S. Constitution, II Disc 10  De Toqueville on Inheritance & Society  Disc 11  Voluntary Associations & the Tithe Disc 12  Eschatology & History  Disc 13  Postmillennialism & the War of Independence Disc 14  The Tyranny of the Majority  Disc 15  De Toqueville on Race Relations in America  Disc 16  The Federalist Administrations Disc 17  The Voluntary Church, I Disc 18  The Voluntary Church, II Disc 19  The Jefferson Administration, the Tripolitan War & the War of 1812 Disc 20  The Voluntary Church on the Frontier, I Disc 21  Religious Voluntarism & the Voluntary Church on the Frontier, II Disc 22  The Monroe & Polk Doctrines Disc 23  Voluntarism & Social Reform Disc 24  Voluntarism & Politics Disc 25  Chief Justice John Marshall: Problems of Political Voluntarism Disc 26  Andrew Jackson: His Monetary Policy  Disc 27  The Mexican War of 1846 / Calhoun’s Disquisition Disc 28  De Toqueville on Democratic Culture Disc 29  De Toqueville on Individualism Disc 30  Manifest Destiny  Disc 31  The Coming of the Civil War Disc 32  De Toqueville on the Family/  Aristocratic vs. Individualistic Cultures Disc 33  De Toqueville on Democracy & Power Disc 34  The Interpretation of History, I Disc 35  The Interpretation of History, II Disc 36 The American Indian (Bonus Disc) Disc 37  Documents: Teacher/Student Guides, Transcripts 37 discs in album, Set of “American History to 1865”, $140.00 The American Indian: A Standing Indictment of Christianity & Statism in America By R. J. Rushdoony. America’s first experiment with socialism practically destroyed the American Indian. In 1944 young R. J. Rushdoony arrived at the Duck Valley Indian Reservation in Nevada as a missionary to the Shoshone and the Paiute Indians. For eight years he lived with them, worked with them, ministered to them and listened to their stories. He came to know them intimately, both as individuals and as a people. This is his story, and theirs. Paperback, 139 pages, $18.00 Our Threatened Freedom: A Christian View of the Menace of American Statism R. J. Rushdoony reports on a mind-boggling collection of absurdities by our legislators, bureaucrats, and judges—from making it against the law for a company to go out of business, to assigning five full-time undercover agents to bust a little boy who was selling fishing worms  without a license. Written some thirty years ago as radio commentaries, Rushdoony’s essays seem even more timely today as we are witnessing a staggering display of state intrusion into every area of life. Paperback, 349 pages, indices, $18.00 World History A Christian Survey of World History Includes 12 audio CDs, full text supporting the lectures, review questions, discussion questions, and an answer key. The purpose of a study of history is to shape the future. Too much of history teaching centers upon events, persons, or ideas as facts but does not recognize God’s providential hand in judging humanistic man in order to build His Kingdom. History is God-ordained and presents the great battle between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Man. History is full of purpose—each Kingdom has its own goal for the end of history, and those goals are in constant conflict. A Christian Survey of World History can be used as a stand-alone curriculum, or as a supplement to a study of world history. Disc 1  Time and History: Why History is Important Disc 2  Israel, Egypt, and the Ancient Near East Disc 3  Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Jesus Christ Disc 4  The Roman Republic  30  Save 15% on orders of $50 or more ã For Faster Service Order Online at Disc 5  The Early Church & Byzantium Disc 6  Islam & The Frontier Age Disc 7  New Humanism or Medieval Period Disc 8  The Reformation Disc 9  Wars of Religion – So Called & The Thirty Years War Disc 10  France: Louis XIV through Napoleon Disc 11  England: The Puritans through Queen Victoria  Disc 12  20 th  Century: The Intellectual – Scientific Elite 12 CDs, full text, review and discussion questions, $90.00 The Biblical Philosophy of History By R. J. Rushdoony. For the orthodox Christian who grounds his philosophy of history on the doctrine of creation, the mainspring of history is God. Time rests on the foundation of eternity, on the eternal decree of God. Time and history therefore have meaning because they were created in terms of God’s perfect and totally comprehensive plan. The humanist faces a meaningless  world in which he must strive to create and establish meaning. Paperback, 138 pages, $22.00  James I: The Fool as King By Otto Scott. In this study, Otto Scott writes about one of the “holy” fools of humanism who worked against the faith from within. This is a major historical work and marvelous reading. Hardback, 472 pages, $20.00 Church History The “Atheism” of the Early Church By R. J. Rushdoony. Early Christians were called “heretics” and “atheists” when they denied the gods of Rome, and the divinity of the emperor. These Christians knew that Jesus Christ, not the state, was their Lord and that this faith required a different kind of relationship to the state than the state demanded. Paperback, 64 pages, $12.00 The Foundations of Social Order: Studies in the Creeds and Councils of the Early Church By R. J. Rushdoony. Every social order rests on a creed, on a concept of life and law, and represents a religion in action. The basic faith of a society means growth in terms of that faith. The life of a society is its creed; a dying creed faces desertion or subversion readily. Because of its indifference to its creedal basis in Biblical Christianity,  western civilization is today facing death and is in a life and death struggle  with humanism. Paperback, 197 pages, index, $16.00 The Relevance of the Reformed Faith (CD Set) The 2007 Chalcedon Foundation Fall Conference Disc 1:  An Intro to Biblical Law - Mark Rushdoony  Disc 2:  The Great Commission - Dr. Joe Morecraft Disc 3 Cromwell Done Right! - Dr. Joe Morecraft Disc 4: The Power of Applied Calvinism - Martin Selbrede Disc 5: The Powerlessness of Pietism - Martin Selbrede Disc 6: Thy Commandment is Exceedingly Broad - Martin Selbrede Disc 7: Dualistic Spirituality vs. Obedience - Mark Rushdoony 7 CDs, $56.00 Philosophy The Death of Meaning By R. J. Rushdoony. Modern philosophy has sought to explain man and his thought process without acknowledging God, His revelation, or man’s sin. Philosophers who rebel against God are compelled to abandon meaning itself   , for they possess neither the tools nor the place to anchor it. The works of darkness championed by philosophers past and present need to be exposed and reproved. In this volume, Dr. Rushdoony clearly enunciates each major philosopher’s position and its implications, identifies the intellectual and moral consequences of each school of thought, and traces the dead-end to which each naturally leads. Paperback, 180 pages, index, $18.00 The Word of Flux: Modern Man and the Problem of Knowledge By R. J. Rushdoony. Modern man has a problem with knowledge. He cannot accept God’s Word about the world or anything else, so anything which points to God must be called into question. This book will lead the reader to understand that this problem of knowledge underlies the isolation and self-torment of modern man. Can you know anything if you reject God and His revelation? This book takes the reader into the heart of modern man’s intellectual dilemma. Paperback, 127 pages, indices, $19.00 To Be As God: A Study of Modern Thought Since the Marquis De Sade By R. J. Rushdoony. This monumental work is a series of essays on the influential thinkers and ideas in modern times such as Marquis De Sade, Shelley, Byron, Marx,  Whitman, and Nietzsche. Reading this book will help you understand the need to avoid the syncretistic blending of humanistic philosophy with the Christian faith. Paperback, 230 pages, indices, $21.00 By What Standard? By R. J. Rushdoony. An introduction into the problems of Christian philosophy. It focuses on the philosophical system of Dr. Cornelius Van Til, which in turn is founded upon the presuppositions of an infallible revelation in the Bible and the necessity of Christian theology for all philosophy. This is Rushdoony’s foundational work on philosophy. Hardback, 212 pages, index, $14.00 Van Til & The Limits of Reason By R. J. Rushdoony. The Christian must see faith in God’s revelation as opening up understanding, as thinking God’s thoughts after Him, and rationalism as a restriction of thought to the narrow confines of human understanding. Reason is a gift of God, but we must not make more of it than it is. The first three essays of this volume were published in a small booklet in 1960 as a tribute to the thought of Dr. Cornelius Van Til, titled Van Til. The last four essays were  written some time later and are published here for the first time. Paperback, 84 pages, index, $10.00
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