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  11/29/2017Calories in Filipino Food? | Hibiscus Bloomedhttps://hibiscusbloomed.wordpress.com/2011/11/25/weight-loss-calories-in-filipino-food/1/8 Calories in Filipino Food? Posted on November 25, 2011 I know I haven’t been writing a lot in this blog, but as of late, I figured that the stuff I was picking up aboutlosing weight and counting calories was going to be helpful to other people, too. So, while I was on my weight- watching mission, I found an interesting article from the Inquirer, which was first published on Cebu Daily News in 2008.Sadly, while it was informative, it was kind of a pain to read through to figure out how many calories was inthat spoonful of lugaw I had. Well, a simple Ctrl+F was a quick solution to that, but I think in the long run, it’s better to tabulate it for easy reading. So… here’s my attempt to tabulate it all for you guys!  Veggies   16 calories per cup/90g (cooked)   Ampalaya fruit  Ampalaya leaves Baguio beans  banana heart cabbage cauliflower chayote fruit or leaves eggplant kangkong malunngay leaves mushroom okra patola onion bulb pechay saluyot upo 16 calories per half-cup  coconut shoot (ubod) Mungbean sprout (togue) sitaw canned green peas sweet corn tomato juice Hibiscus Bloomed  11/29/2017Calories in Filipino Food? | Hibiscus Bloomedhttps://hibiscusbloomed.wordpress.com/2011/11/25/weight-loss-calories-in-filipino-food/2/8 Fruits   40 calories  apple (1/2) atis (1 fruit) lakatan (per piece) latundan banana (per piece) chico (per piece) dalanghita (2) duhat (20 pieces) durian (30 g) grapes (10) guava (2) guyabano (1 slice) langka (40 g) lansones (7) mangosteen (3) melon (1 slice) papaya (1 slice) pineapple (1 slice) rambutan (8) santol (1) sinkamas (1/2, 110g) suha (3 segments)  watermelon (1 slice) star apple (1/2)  buko water (1 cup) 45 calories  avocado (the article couldn’t show the exact amount) Fruit-based Snacks   40 calories   banana-que (1/2) mango chips (2) maruya (1/4) turon (1/2) Meat   41 calories  tenderloin (30g) porterhouse (30g) shank (30g) sirloin (30g) shoulder (30g) rump (30g)  11/29/2017Calories in Filipino Food? | Hibiscus Bloomedhttps://hibiscusbloomed.wordpress.com/2011/11/25/weight-loss-calories-in-filipino-food/3/8 chicken leg (30g)  breast (1/4) meat internal organs (3/4 cups)  bangus (1 slice) lapu-lapu (1 slice) dalag (1 slice) … same goes for other types of fish (40 calories per slice) 45 calories   bacon (1 slice) Nuts   45 calories  1 teaspoon of peanut butter 5 pieces of pili nut 1 teaspoon of peanut or olive oil 100 calories  kastanyas (11 pieces) Rice and Rice Products   100 calories  rice (1/2 cup) lugaw (1.5 cup)  bibingka galapong (1 slice) malagkit (1 slice)  biko (1 slice) cassava cake (1/2 slice) espasol (2) kalamay, latik (1) kutsinta (1) palitaw, no coconut gratings (4) puto bumbong (2) sapin-sapin (1 slice) tikoy (1 slice) pan de sal (3) lady gingers (5) mammon tostado (3) hopia hapon (1.5) ensaymada (1)  bihon, sotanghon, (each, 1 cup) Other Starchy Things   100 calories    11/29/2017Calories in Filipino Food? | Hibiscus Bloomedhttps://hibiscusbloomed.wordpress.com/2011/11/25/weight-loss-calories-in-filipino-food/4/8 kamote (1/2) ubi (ube?) (1.3 cups) sago (1/2 cup) Sugar and other desserts   20 calories  Table sugar (1 teaspoon) Tahoo with syrup and sago (1/4 cup) Ube, haleya (1 teaspoon)  Yema (1) 40 calories  Pulvoron (1) 80 calories  Halo-halo (2.3 cups) 145 calories   buko pie (1 slice)  bitso-bitso (1) hopia, baboy (1) hot cakes (1) fruit cake (1 slice) chocolate cake (1 slice) Spanish bread (1) cinnamon roll (1) 190 calories  donut (1/2) *tip: 1 glazed krispy creme is 300 calories 212 calories  éclair 235 calories  croissant 290 calories  muffin Other Savory Things   135 calories  century egg 187 calories  embotido (2.5)
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