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Estándar global de BRC para la seguridad alimentaria Edición 7 Guía de cambios clave VERSION INGLES
   1WWW.BRCGLOBALSTANDARDS.COM   GLOBAL STANDARDFOOD SAFETY ISSUE 7 GUIDE TO KEY CHANGES G    O      S    D         6           O      B        A   7     2  WWW.BRCGLOBALSTANDARDS.COM LIABILITY  The BRC publishes inormaion and expresses opinions in good aih, bu acceps no liabiliy or any error or omission in any such inormaion or opinion, including any inormaion or opinion conained in his publicaion.Whils he BRC has endeavoured o ensure ha he inormaion in his publicaion is accurae, i shall no be liable or any damages (including wihou limiaion damages or pure economic loss or loss o business or loss o profis or depleion o goodwill or oherwise in each case, wheher direc, indirec or consequenial) or any claims or consequenial compensaion whasoever (howsoever caused) arising in conrac, or (including negligence or breach o sauory duy), misrepresenaion, resiuion or oherwise, in connecion wih his publicaion or any inormaion conained in i, or rom any acion or decision aken as a resul o reading his publicaion or any such inormaion.All warranies, condiions and oher erms implied by saue or common law are, o he ulles exen permited by law, excluded.Nohing excludes or limis he liabiliy o he BRC or deah or personal injury caused by is negligence, or raud or raudulen misrepresenaion or or any mater which i would be illegal or i o exclude or atemp o exclude liabiliy or.The Global Sandard Food Saey Issue 7: Guide o Key Changes and he erms o he disclaimer se ou above shall be consrued in accordance wih English law and shall be subjec o he non-exclusive jurisdicion o he English Cours. COPYRIGHT © Briish Reail Consorium 2015All righs reserved. No par o his publicaion may be ransmited or reproduced in any orm (including phoocopying or sorage in any medium by elecronic means) wihou he writen permission o he copyrigh owner. Applicaion or permission should be addressed o he Commercial Direcor o Global Sandards a he Briish Reail Consorium (conac deails below). Full acknowledgemen o he auhor and source mus be given.The conens o his publicaion canno be reproduced or he purposes o raining or any oher commercial aciviy.No par o his publicaion may be ranslaed wihou he writen permission o he copyrigh owner. Warning:  Any unauhorised ac in relaion o a copyrigh work may resul in boh a civil claim or damages and criminal prosecuion.For more inormaion abou BRC, conac:Briish Reail Consorium Second Floor 21 Darmouh Sree London SW1H 9BPTel: +44 (0) 20 7854 8900 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7854 8901Email: enquiries@brcglobals Websie: www.brcglobals   3 WWW.BRCGLOBALSTANDARDS.COM The BRC published he Global Sandard or Food Saey Issue 7 in January 2015 and he new Sandard will be used or all audis rom 1 July 2015. Cerificaes issued agains Issue 6 will remain valid or he duraion indicaed on he cerificae.This documen is inended o provide an inroducion o he new Issue 7 and a guide o all users o he changes and he reasons or he changes.The Appendix provides a ull index o all changes o he requiremens and is inended as a reerence or managers needing o updae heir qualiy sysems in preparaion or an audi agains Issue 7.There are a range o guidance documens including he ull Inerpreaion Guide providing guidance on all clauses available. The documens are all included wihin he subscripion o BRC Paricipae or o purchase as addiional documens rom he BRC Bookshop. BACKGROUND TO THE PRODUCTION OF ISSUE 7 AND OBJECTIVES CONSULTATION AND DEVELOPMENT PROCESS The BRC Food Saey Sandard is widely used around he world and, beore saring he review or Issue 6, he BRC underook an exensive consulaion wih he users o he Sandard o undersand he srenghs and poenial areas or improvemen.The eedback on Issue 6 was generally very posiive and he coninual growh in use o he Sandard around he world, wih more han 18,000 cerificaed sies in 2014, is a esamen o is increasing inernaional populariy.The consulaion and review o emerging ood saey concerns since he developmen o Issue 6 idenified a number o opporuniies or urher improvemen.The key objecives idenified or he working groups were: ã Look or new ways o reduce he burden o muliple audis o cerificaed sies. ã Ensure ha he grading sysem provided a rue reflecion o he sandards a he sies and provide more opporuniies or he bes sies o differeniae hemselves. ã Include requiremens o encourage sies o reduce heir exposure o ood raud. ã Review high-care and high-risk requiremens and ensure ha where higher-risk ambien producs are produced, conrols are idenified. ã Ensure ha he requiremens and audi process are ocused on reducing he issues mos requenly causing recalls and wihdrawals. ã Revise he enrolmen programme o encourage upake.The deail o he Sandard was developed using wo muli-sakeholder working groups: one in Norh America and one in Europe. Each group was made up o represenaives rom reailers, ood services, cerificaion bodies, ood manuacurers and, in Europe, an accrediaion body, UKAS.The draf Sandard was esed in a series o rial audis and made available or public consulaion. More han 2,800 people rom around he world downloaded he draf documen. All o he commens on he draf were reviewed beore he final draf was produced.The BRC would like o hank all o hose people who have conribued o he developmen o Issue 7 o he Sandard. BRC GUIDELINE  A GUIDE TO THE CHANGES FROM ISSUE 6 TO ISSUE 7   4  WWW.BRCGLOBALSTANDARDS.COM KEY CHANGES TO THE REQUIREMENTS FOR ISSUE 7 STABILITY The Issue 6 sandard was well received and we recognise ha he Sandard is used as he basis or he qualiy managemen sysems ha have been esablished by many housands o sies around he world. In reviewing and rewriing he Sandard we have ried o concenrae on a ew major areas where he sandard needed o be revised o reflec he changing ood saey landscape. The vas majoriy o he requiremens o he Sandard are unchanged or wih sligh edis o he wording o aid clariy. This should mean ha or mos sies, he ocus or geting ready or Issue 7 is concenraed on a ew key areas. REDUCING THE EXPOSURE TO FOOD FRAUD (CLAUSES 5.4.1–3) There have been several very high-profile ood raud or aduleraion issues in he las couple o years including he addiion o melanin o milk powder in China and he subsiuion o bee by horsemea in Europe. Whils he Sandard is no designed o deec ood raud, i should provide confidence o cusomers ha heir suppliers have robus sysems in place o proec hemselves rom being he vicims o a raud urher back in he supply chain. Alhough covered as par o HACCP and supplier approval in Issue 6, we have increased he ocus on raud prevenion by inroducing hree new clauses. These look a vulnerabiliy o raud, as well as inroducing igher conrols on supplier approval, paricularly he conrols o agens and brokers. SUPPLY CHAIN TRACEABILITY (CLAUSE 3.9.3) The supply chains or producs have become increasingly complex, ofen including raw maerials rom around he world and may include agens or brokers as inermediaries. This has led o a lack o ransparency which becomes apparen oo ofen when an issue occurs requiring ull raceabiliy o a raw maerial. Reailers and ood service companies are increasingly looking or more inormaion abou he source o raw maerials used in heir producs o give hem confidence in he ood saey sysems operaed by raw maerial suppliers. In recogniion o his, Issue 7 has exended he requiremens or raceabiliy o include assurances abou he raceabiliy sysem operaed by raw maerial suppliers. AGENTS AND BROKERS (CLAUSE Where raw maerials are supplied by agens and brokers, i will be necessary o know he manuacurer o he raw maerial and ensure ha he manuacurer mees he raw maerial supplier approval process o he sie. PRODUCT LABELLING (CLAUSE 5.2) AND LABELLING AND PACK CONTROL (CLAUSE 6.2) An analysis o produc recall and produc wihdrawal daa shows ha he underlying cause o he greaes number o problems is labelling. Problems occur eiher because he label inormaion is incorrec as a resul o changes o ingrediens or suppliers, or because o errors made during he packing process. To atemp o ocus on he issue, clauses relaing o labelling and packing have been expanded and included in a new undamenal saemen o inen. CUSTOMER FOCUS (CLAUSE 3.12) Many o he cusomer audis underaken a BRC-cerificaed sies ocus on he cusomers’ own policies. A new se o requiremens has been added o provide cusomers wih greaer confidence ha sies are aware o and ac on cusomer-specific policies when producing producs or cusomers. MANAGEMENT OF SURPLUS FOOD PRODUCTS (CLAUSE 4.13) The pracice o providing surplus producs o chariies has become more common and is o be encouraged. Issue 7 has wo new clauses designed o ensure ha he ood is sae and labelled appropriaely and ha producs donaed bearing he cusomers’ brand are reaed in accordance wih he brand owner’s policies. NEW AMBIENT HIGH󰀭CARE AREAS (CLAUSE 4.3.7) Issue 6 inroduced more deail on he environmenal conrols or high-care and high-risk chilled and rozen producs. Since Issue 6 here have been a number o high-profile ood saey incidens affecing ambien producs (e.g. Salmonella   conaminaion o peanu buter in he US). In response, a new requiremen has been inroduced o ensure ha here are risk-based environmenal conrols o proec ambien producs where he produc is a risk o cross-conaminaion rom a raw maerial afer processing. CHANGES TO THE PROTOCOL There have been very ew changes o he way in which he Sandard is audied and cerificaed rom Issue 6 and ull deails can be ound wihin Par III o he Sandard. The main changes and reasons or he changes are summarised below. ã GRADING  – The grading srucure or Issue 7 has been exended o allow more differeniaion beween cerificaed sies. The new cerificaed grades will be AA, A, B, C and D wih a + added o he grade where he audi is carried ou unannounced.
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