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Book VI (Page 353-357) The Republic

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Md. Kamrul islam book review Book VI (Page 353-357) The Republic
  Md. Kamrul islam Roll: ZR- 1187 Book VI (Page 353-357) The Republic   Introduction: The republic is one of the world’s  most influential works of philosophy and political theory, both intellectually and historically and considered as one of the best classic in the western academic literature .its Plato ’ s best known work and written by him around 380 BC. Analysis of key findings from the reading: I have discussed below conversation between Socrates and Adeimantus. Most of the conversation among these pages is about philosophy, philosopher and philosophy state. True philosopher: Plato clearly believes that there is moral truth. We can have moral knowledge, knowledge of the Good. However, knowledge and the Good are more closely related to this. First, there is a close relation between reality (which is what knowledge is of) and goodness. The Forms are perfect and more real, whereas particular objects are imperfect. Plato does not pretend that philosophy is easy. It is, in fact, very difficult, and the ‘true philosopher’, someone who loves all learning, is very rare. This is in part  because we ‘can’t expect anyone to have much love for anything which he does with  pain and difficulty and little success’ (486c). So there are a number of traits that  philosophers need to have ‘naturally’, to equip them with the ability and temperament to love learning. A philosopher needs an ability to learn, a good memory, a sense of  proportion, a breadth of vision, and a quick mind.  Attributes of philosophy: A philosopher, by definition, loves wisdom. Plato conceives this as a form of real love; and as love, must love the whole of the object  –   so philosophers love all learning. Glaucon suggests that many people love new experiences, and seek out new sights and sounds. But that isn’t enough to be a philosopher. People who love sights and sounds don’t have a genuine passion for truth and knowledge They rest content with discovering and experiencing the many particulars; they don’t search for the reality behind the appearances.tho things can be happen by a philosopher. A. positive influence: for his quality he can make the society beautiful and spread their knowledge within the society for wellbeing of the people.  B. negative influence: besides positivity they can do harm for society by their willingness. What will happen if the young get such power? Especially if he be a citizen of a great city, rich and noble, and a tall proper youth Will he not be full of boundless aspirations, and fancy himself able to manage the affairs of Hellenes and of barbarians, and having got such notions into his head will he not dilate and elevate himself in the fullness of vain pomp and senseless pride. He wont understand weather he in dream or in reality. If someone told him you are doing absolutely wrong. They are unable to and even if there be someone who through inherent goodness or natural reasonableness has had his eyes opened a little and is humbled and taken captive by philosophy, how will his friends behave when they think that they are likely to lose the advantage which they were hoping to reap from his companionship. They will not do and say anything to prevent him from yielding to his better nature and to render his teacher powerless, using to this end private intrigues as well as  public prosecutions. How the philosopher will be steady in his way of philosophy: A philosopher will be steady in way when he has availability of quickness and memory and courage and magnificence. Quickness will help him to take decision fast. A philosopher always has the high power of memory. He need to have courageous and other shrewdness. And his friends and fellow-citizens will want to use him as he gets older for their own purposes. In this case a philosopher need not make available. Falling at his feet, they will make requests to him and do him honour and flatter him,  because they want to get into their hands now, the power which he will one day  possess. Philosophy state: According to Socrates, in present time (380 BC) no state is philosophical state. no country is suitable for philosophy at all. Even they are not appropriate for characteristics of philosophy. Most of the states philosophy where there is no absolute  philosophy but they are still exercising philosophy this is the upper cover of  philosophy but the absolute philosophy is not like that, it has profound and vigorous characteristics which is really unique itself. It could be only possible for a state to regenerate philosophy if philosophy ever finds in the state that perfection which she herself is ,then will be seen that she in truth divine ,and that all other things, whether natures of men or institutions , are but human . One thing he emphasized that some living authority would always be required in the state having the same idea of constitution which guided you when a legislature you were laying down the laws.  Greatness of actual philosophy: A true philosopher always stays in the way of philosophy no impediment cannot make him detach from his actual path. People always try to make them agitate which sometimes can ruin the philosophical ethics of a philosopher but a person having absolute philosophy never be deviated from the philosophic nature. This unique quality is the greatness of philosophy. A person attribute philosophy has difference with the common people. Comparison between past and present: Philosophies today compare that of ancient times: Most of the philosopher today is not the real philosopher at all a philosopher who attributes the actual philosophy has the some unique quality but what they actually do? Ancient time the philosopher was too courageous and they were much steady on their  beliefs .but if we think but the present time philosopher most of them are not really don’t know the meaning of philosophy and other do not  believe it from soul. Only few are exercise philosophy from their ideal view .this people are the true philosopher and they attribute the actual philosophy. In ancient time philosopher were involved with the politics they would suggest them in various problem of state but if we think about the present most of the countries philosopher are hidden themselves from politics.  Now the philosophy believes in anti- political. Philosophy state in modern societies: Socrates have given some of the criteria by which we can call a country as a  philosophy state .one of the criteria was given him that is authority would always be taken decision and idea of the constitution which guided you when as a legislature you were laying down the laws. But actually happen in the reality government in the  present do not give importance to the philosopher who can play vital role in making govt decision. Even the philosopher has no rights to express their thought. Few days  before killing some of the free thinking activist is the best example of govt perception towards philosopher. Government which is right and which on is wrong but they think about their power .as majority of the people are opposite to free thinker .as people view is seen as a government view. As true philosophy as this discipline that encourages us to challenge fundamental assumption and it’s  also has a sort of method of helping us to get clear about what we think .A state can perform its duty in the field of philosophy. The people who are student of philosophy they are young at present. They beginning when they are hardly  past childhood, they devote only the time saved from money making and housekeeping to such pursuits and even those of them who are reputed to have most  of the philosophical sprit. State should create favourable atmosphere for exercising the true philosophy.
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