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Background-save and Auto-recover
  ADOBE ®   PHOTOSHOP Help and tutorials  What's new  To learn more, view these recommended resources online. Using Content-Aware Move and  (May. 7, 2012)video-tutorialRecompose images with these simple steps. Vector ShapesInfinite Skills  (Oct. 7, 2012)video-tutorialDrawing shapes in CS6 Wide-angle lens correctionKelby  (Oct. 7, 2012)video-tutorialQuickly compensate for lens quirks, drawing from a detailed database. Using the new three-part Blur  (May. 7, 2012)video-tutorialFocus the eye with precisely placed blurs. New Crop  (Oct. 7, 2012)video-tutorialInteractive previews help you precisely trim images down to size.  Auto color correctionsKelby  (May. 7, 2012)video-tutorialOne-click corrections to common image issues. Background-save and Auto-recover Kelby  (May. 7, 2012)video-tutorialProtect precious image data. Blur gallery overviewKelby  (May. 7, 2012)video-tutorialQuick, creative control in a dedicated blur workspace. Camera Raw 7 plug-inKelby  (May. 7, 2012)video-tutorialTap into the latest noise, color, and dynamic range controls. New 3D reflections and dragable  (May. 7, 2012)video-tutorial Add realism with ease. New shape, type, and design  (May. 7, 2012)  video-tutorialGenuine vector shapes, type styles, and more. Preset migration and sharingKelby  (May. 7, 2012)video-tutorial Apply common settings across workgroups. Streamlined 3d  (May. 7, 2012)video-tutorialExpand creative possibilities into another dimension. Using Content-Aware  (May. 7, 2012)video-tutorialSeamlessly repair imperfections. Video workflowKelby  (May. 7, 2012)video-tutorialIntuitive editing for video DSLRs and other sources.  What's new in CS6 To the top  Adobe Creative Cloud onlyNew features for all Photoshop CS6 usersRetouching and transformingFiltersVideoColor and tonal adjustments3D (Photoshop Extended only) AutomationPainting and patternsDrawingWorkspace and workflowTypeCompatibility with Adobe Touch and Photoshop companion appsCamera Raw 7 To highlight new features throughout Photoshop menus, choose Window > Workspace > New in CS6.  Adobe Creative Cloud only If you're a subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud, the following additional features are available. For new CS6 features that are not Adobe CreativeCloud only, scroll down the page.Click the following link to view a video on the new Creative Cloud features by Adobe evangelist, Julieanne Kost. Liquify filter enhancements In the Creative Cloud update for Photoshop, the Liquify filter is significantly faster than previous versions. The Liquify filter now supports SmartObjects, including Smart Object video layers, and is applied as a smart filter. Another enhancement to the Liquify filter is an added behavior for the Reconstruct tool. If you hold down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS)key while dragging the tool across a warp, the Reconstruct tool smooths a warp rather than scaling back or removing it.For more information, see Liquify filter  and view a video on Smart Object Support for Blur Gallery and Liquify.  Apply Blur gallery effects as smart filters The photographic blur effects in the Blur gallery now support Smart Objects and can be applied non-destructively as smart filters. This feature alsosupports Smart Object video layers.For more information, see Photographic blur gallery | CS6,  About Smart Filters, and view a video on Smart Object Support for Blur Gallery and Liquify. Copy CSS properties from shape or text layers Copy CSS  generates Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) properties from shape or text layers. It captures values for size, position, fill color (includinggradients), stroke color, and drop shadow. For text layers, Copy CSS  also captures values for font family, font size, font weight, line height,underline, strikethrough, superscript, subscript, and text alignment. The CSS is copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into a style sheet.For more information, see Copy CSS from layers | Creative Cloud Only and view a video on New CSS Support in Photoshop. Conditional actions Conditional actions let you build actions that choose what to do based on one of several different conditions. First, you choose a condition andthen, optionally specify an action that plays if the document meets the condition. Then, you optionally specify an action that plays if the documentdoes not meet the condition.For more information, see Adding conditional actions | Creative Cloud, About actions and the Actions panel, and Creating actions. High dpi display support Photoshop adds support for high dpi displays such as Retina Displays. Among the enhancements for working with higher resolution displays,documents can be quickly viewed at 200%. To view a document at 200%, do any of the following:Choose View  > 200% .  To the top Ctrl-double click (Windows) or Cmd-double click (Mac OS) the Zoom  tool icon.Shift-Ctrl-double click (Windows) or Shift-Cmd-double click (Mac OS) the Zoom  tool icon to view all open documents at 200%. Changes in view options In the Zoom  tool options bar and the Hand  tool options bar, the button for viewing an image at its actual size has been renamed as 100% . Additionally, both tool options bars no longer have a Print Size  button. Additionally, the  Actual Pixels  command in the View menu has beenchanged to 100% . Crop tool changes and enhancements Updates to the Crop  tool include numerous bug fixes and enhancements, including: Front Image  and new presets in the  Aspect Ratio  menu.Clicking the double-arrow icon changes the crop orientation by swapping the Width  and Height  values. This replaces the Rotate Crop Box button.Choosing W x H x Resolution  from the Aspect Ratio menu displays a Resolution  field in the options bar and auto-fills the Width  and Height  values.Clicking the  Clear   button clears the values in the Width  and Height  fields in the option bar. If displayed, the value in the Resolution  field isalso cleared.The keyboard shortcut for Front Image  has changed from F  to I for both the  Crop tool and   the Perspective Crop tool. CS6 Creative Cloud Crop tool options bar     A.  Aspect Ratio menu B.  Swap Width and Height values C.  Overlay Options For more information, see Using the new crop tool and Crop and straighten photos | CS6. Default type styles The character and paragraph styles of a document can be saved as the default type styles. These default styles are automatically loaded in the Character Style  and Paragraph Style  panels when a new Photoshop document is created. The default styles can also be loaded into anyexisting document using the Load Type Styles  command.For more information see Specifying default type styles | Creative Cloud only, Character styles | CS6, and Paragraph styles | CS6. You can also watch a video about Type Styles in Photoshop by Adobe evangelist Julieanne Kost. Face detection enhancements in Color Range The Color Range  selections command now saves Skin Tones  selections as a preset. It can also save the setting for the Detect Faces  optionwhen Skin Tones  or Sampled Colors  are selected.For more information, see Saving Skin Tones settings as a preset | Creative Cloud only, Selecting a color range in an image, or watch the video,Selecting Skin Tones in Photoshop CS6, with Photoshop expert Matt Kloskowski. Read swatches from HTML, CSS, and SVG files You can add colors specified in an HTML, CSS, or SVG document to the Swatches  panel. If a color value is repeated in a document, only oneinstance of the color is added not duplicates. This feature recognizes the following HTML/CSS color syntax: #112233, #123, rgb(1,2,3),rgba(1,2,3,4), hsb(1,2,3), and hsba(1,2,3,4).For more information, see Add swatches from HTML CSS and SVG | Creative Cloud and Customizing color pickers and swatches. 3D enhancements and changes There are numerous new 3D features and enhancements in the Creative Cloud version of Photoshop CS6. For information about the updates, see3D workflow in Photoshop Extended CS6 and view a video on New Possibilities in 3D. Support for big JPEGs Photoshop can now open and save JPEG documents up to 65,535 pixels in width or height. Resizable Color panel The Color panel is now resizable. New features for all Photoshop CS6 users
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