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ATM UC Model Elaboration

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Example Use-Case Model Elaboration Phase
  Example Use-Case Model Elaboration Phase 1Introduction This is an example of a Use-Case Model as it would appear in Elaboration. Primary actors and use cases are identified, and key scenarios those that will be implemented first! are detailed. Each use case has an associated use-case specification. 2Overview The utomated Teller Machine is a remote unit connected to the bank computer systems. The purpose of the system is to brin# re#ular bank ser$ices closer to the customer and increase the workin# hours to around the clock. %t is also important to decrease the amount of bank cashiers. n TM withdrawal is less expensi$e for the &ank than a withdrawal from a teller.The TM system re'uires that each bank customer has an TM card and remembers his P%( code. The whole security of this system builds on the P%( code. 3Use-Case ia!ram )i#ure * shows the use-case dia#ram for the TM.  Use Cases Elaborationpackage OpenUP{2/2} atm :  ATM 'Bank Cstomer'   '!it #ra$ Cas '   '%eposit &n#s'   'Transer &n#s'   '(eill Mac ine'   ')ali#ate User'   **incl#e++**incl#e++ **incl#e++**incl#e++ **incl#e++**incl#e++  Bank   nance Person'   Cas ier     Figure 1. ATM Use-Case Diagram #ctors 4.1 Bank Customer  This actor represents a person with a $alid &ank Card. The &ank Card is theirs and they know the P%( Code. 4.2 Cashier  )rom the TM system point of $iew, the Cashier+s only responsibility is to count the money in the security box to $erify all deposits. 4.3 Bank  This actor represents the financial institution that pro$ides ser$ices to the TM. esponsible for $erifyin# &ank Customers, authoriin# transactions and recordin# completed transactions. 4.4 Maintenance Person This actor represents the person responsible for maintainin# the utomated Teller Machine, refillin# paper, and replenishin# cash. $Use Cases 5.1.1Validate User This use case describes #eneral beha$ior for the TM to $alidate the &ank Customer. %t includes all steps that are thesame no mater what kind of transaction the &ank Customer does. 5.1.2Withdraw Cash This use case describes how the &ank Customer uses the TM to withdraw money hisher bank account. 5.1.3Transfer Funds This use case describes how the &ank Customer uses the TM to transfer money between different bank accounts. 5.1.De! sit Funds This use case describes how the &ank Customer deposits money to an account. 5.1.5#efill Ma$hine This use case describes how the Maintenance Person refills money, receipt paper and en$elopes.
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