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1,4,7,10 are kendras or quadrants. 1,5,9 are konas or trines. Benefic lordship of kendra’s cause kendradipatya dosha. Any planet can become kona lord.  6th house is generally bad, but for this chart Venus is good, because Venus is 1st and 6th lord became lagna lord.  2nd and 5th lord is Mercury. As 2nd lord Mercury is neutral and as 5th lord Mercury is good.  3rd lord moon is malefic.  4th lord is Ravi is genral malefic but being kendra lord, he becomes benefic.  7th house is kendra, its lo
  1,4,7,10 are kendras or quadrants.1,5,9 are konas or trines.Benefic lordship of kendra’s cause kendradipatya dosha.Any planet can become kona lord.    6 th house is generally bad, but for this chartVenus is good, because Venus is 1 st and 6 th lord became lagna lord.    2 nd and 5 th lord is Mercury. As 2 nd lordMercury is neutral and as 5 th lord Mercury isgood.    3 rd lord moon is malefic.    4 th lord is Ravi is genral malefic but beingkendra lord, he becomes benefic.    7 th house is kendra, its lord is Mars. Being 7 th lord Mars is good and as 12 th lord he becomes neutral.    8 th and 11 th lord is always bad hence its lord Jupiter becomes malefic.    9 th house is kona and its lord is Saturn, being kona lord he becomes benefic.    10 th house is kendra and its lord is Saturn, natural malefic, being kendra lordSaturn becomes benefic.For any lagna if a planet becomes kendra and kona lord, then he becomes yoga karakafor that lagna. For the above chart Saturn is lord of 9 th (kendra) and 10 th (kona), hencehe is yoga karaka for this chart.For Taurus and Libra lagnas Saturn ie yoga karaka.For cancer and Leo lagna’s mars is yoga karaka.For Capricorn and Aquarius lagna’s Venus is yogakaraka.3 rd and 8 th house represents longevity.2 nd and 7 th represents maraca stanas.Lords of houses in the order of malefics as 2, 7, 3, 6, 8, 11 and 12.Sun, Mercury, Venus moves with equal velocity, will be maximum difference of 3houses and transits one month for sign.Mars 1 and ½ month for sign.Jupiter takes 1 year for transiting one house.Saturn takes 2 and ½ years for transiting each house.In transit from moon trishadyas 3,6,11 are good.For malefics (sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, ketu) 3,6,11 without veda points are good.From moon 1,3,6,10,11 are good.From mercury 2,4,6,8,10 and 11 are good.From Jupiter 2,5,7,9,11 are good.For venus except 6,7,10 are good.But affliction predicted from lagna.  Death in Previous life In D60 chart check 3 rd house from AL Planet Reason Moonwater KetuheightsMarswar SunRaja dandanaJupiternaturalSaturnlong sicknessRahusnake biteAspect of 3 rd house indicates the curse.JupiterBrahmin curseVenuspativrata curseRahuserpent curseMoon mother’s curse In D1 chart If 10 th house is occupied by Rahu-deceased, sudden drop in position, getcheated. In D10 chart If 6 th house is strong- the native becomes a business manIf 7 th house is strong -the native becomes a job holder  According Jaimini astrology from UL success in marital life 2 nd house99%7 th lord in D1 and D944%Venus in D1 and D964%Quality of marriage2 nd house from ULLongevity of marriage 8 th house from UL7 th houseUL7 th lordA7  VenusDK 7 th lord and 8 th lord parivartana yoga can cause divorce of the native.If lagna is odd sign check in clockwise directionIf lagna is even sign check in anti-clockwise direction.
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