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  Surname 1 Student’s Name Professor’s Name  Course Date Annotated bibliography Sales, Bruce, ed. The criminal justice system . Vol. 1. Springer Science & Business Media, 2013. In this book, the author provides a clear insight on how lawyers and psychologists are now  becoming more aware of the overall human behavior with respect to the law. The concepts identified in this book are significant in identifying how human behavior can be controlled, with appropriate application of the law. The information brought forth in this particular book, will  play an integral role in identify some of the psychological aspects that apply in applying justice in communities that have different characteristics. As a result of this, it will be possible to understand why police officers among other law enforcement agencies behave differently when relating with minority groups in the United States. This author provides a consistent review of administration of justice from a  psychologist’s  perspective, with regards to human behavior. Berman, Greg, and John Feinblatt. Good courts: The case for problem-solving justice . Vol. 8. Quid Pro Books, 2015. This book reflects upon the general confidence of the American criminal courts and notes that it is at its all time low. There is a strong emphasis in this book that communities, victims and  Surname 2 offenders actually perceive the court system as being inadequate. The information provided in this article will help me identify and relate in my paper some of the underlying issues that make  people lack confidence in the criminal justice system. With regards to this, it will be possible to emphasize on the significance of having problem solving courts. All in all, the information  provided in this book will play an important role in helping me define some of the fundamental issues that make the court system ineffective. Loughlin, Martin, and Samuel Tschorne.  Public law . Routledge, 2016. The authors of this book extensively discuss fundamental issues related to the law and its application entirely. Different elements of the law are discussed in this book, hence giving the reader an opportunity to understand the general application of the law and its underlying  principles. The information derived from this book, will enable me to evaluate the general use of the law, with respect to the underlying concepts that relate to application in my paper. This will  play an integral role knowing how the law should be applied based on unique circumstances that citizens face. The author gives a number of theories that are applied in law, which can also be used. Marable, Manning.  How capitalism underdeveloped Black America: Problems in race, political economy, and society . Haymarket Books, 2015. This particular book extensively discusses how concepts such as race, politics, economy and society are used against the black minorities. The concepts identified in this book play an integral role in explaining how racial injustice comes into play when police among other law enforcement agencies encounter black people. The information from this book will be useful in explaining how justice is often not considered to all citizens. It is based upon the information  Surname 3 derived from this particular book that it will be possible to clearly define political and racial issues influence the application of law and the general resistance towards the police by minority groups which are being oppressed. The author emphasizes on the problems associated with unequal application of justice, which can also be used. Shjarback, John A., et al. De-policing and crime in the wake of Ferguson: Racialized changes in the quantity and quality of policing among Missouri police departments.  Journal of Criminal  Justice  50 (2017): 42-52. This article offers a study on how the police departments have participated in de-policing as a result of the unpredictable levels of negative attention, in relation to charges against police  behavior. This article points out that the negative attention and increased scrutiny of the law has  played an important role in changing police behavior. It is through an effective data analysis that the authors have managed to present their findings on the issue. This makes the information credible and reliable, hence can be used as evidence in explaining why some issues related administration of justice and cases police brutality need to be reviewed. The authors have managed to emphasize on equal application of the law, a concept that will consistently be applied. Mann, Coramae Richey. Unequal justice: A question of color  . Vol. 783. Indiana University Press, 1993. This book will give more details on issues related on racism as a component of law and also as a social control system. The authors in this case, have managed to challenge the basic theories that have traditionally been put in place to explain the relationship between criminality and race, and race and the criminal justice system’s decision.  This will give the paper an extensive review of  Surname 4 the fundamental aspects affecting the administration of justice especially when the aspect of race is introduced to the topic. In consideration of this, it will be possible to establish a clear  perspective from which it will be achievable to stress why and how discrimination based on skin color can be countered.  Neubauer, David W., and Henry F. Fradella.  America's courts and the criminal justice system . Cengage Learning, 2015. The authors of this book offer a comprehensive explanation of the criminal justice system and the courts in a manner that clearly explains some of the basic factors that ought to be emphasized in the administration of justice. It is through a consistent review of this book that one is able to identify how the court system works with respect to the criminal justice system. With this in mind, the concepts identified in this case will be applied in explaining how some of the fundamental issues revolving around racial inequality in the administration of justice. In this case, it will be possible to explain how and why inequality comes into play. Burch, Traci. Skin Color and the Criminal Justice System: Beyond Black  ‐ White Disparities in Sentencing.  Journal of Empirical Legal Studies  12.3 (2015): 395-420. This particular article focuses on evaluating sentencing outcomes for white and black males in Georgia. In this article, the authors present data related to offenders from both racial groups. In this case it is realized that black offenders receive higher levels of sentencing compared to the White. The information presented in this article will be used as evidence to explain how the members of the black community are often victimized when it comes to the administration of  justice. With regards to this, it will be possible to actually define the underlying concepts behind
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