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After Action Report AQAP Air Freight/Printer Bomb Plot

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After Action Report AQAP Air Freight/Printer Bomb Plot
    After Action Report AQAP Air Freight/Printer Bomb Plot   2  ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1.   Name of Operation:   AQAP Air Freight/Printer Bomb Plot   2. Event Date:   29 October 2010   3. Location(s):      Devic e #1: Originated Sana‟a Yemen en route to Chicago, IL via  Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Cologne, Germany to East Midlands, United Kingdom (UK) where parcel was located.      Device #2 : Originated in Sana‟a, Yemen en route to Chicago, IL via Doha, Qatar to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) where parcel was located.      One package‟s destination   was to Congregation Or Chadesh‟s former location on West Barry, the other was addressed to Congregation B‟nai Zion  an inactive synagogue also in Chicago.   4. Disposition    All aircraft, distribution centers and cargo intact    All personnel unharmed    Aircraft in East Midlands removed to a remote airport location, cargo unloaded. Package detected, secured, isolated and made inert.    Package in Dubai FedEx distribution center, detected, secured, isolated and made inert.    Ibrahim Hassan Tali al-Asiri –  still at large in Yemen.    Anwar Nasser Abdullah al-Awlaki –  still at large in Yemen.   3    Hanan al-Samawi –  She was released within 24 hours as officials determined that she was not the individual who signed the shipping manifesto and that her identity had been stolen.    No further suspects have been identified or arrested in Yemen.  ____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Keywords    AQAP –  al- Qa‟eda in the Arabian Peninsula      GCHQ - Governmental Communications Headquarters, United Kingdom    MI6 –   British government‟s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) responsible for supplying foreign intelligence.    PETN –  Pentaerythritol tetranitrate is a powdered, stable, colorless, odorless plastic explosive that is difficult to detect.    Lead azide –  a powerful chemical initiator.    Diego Deza –  Reference to Don Diego Deza, 15 th  century Archbishop of Seville and Inquisitor General who sadistically interrogated, expelled and exterminated Muslims during the Spanish Inquisition from the Iberian Peninsula    Reynold Krak –  Reference to Reynald de Chatillon, a French knight of the Second Crusade who wantonly slaughtered Muslim pilgrims passing through Jerusalem on their way to Mecca and was later beheaded when Christian Western invaders were defeated by Sultan Salah al-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub when he recaptured the city. 6. Executive Summary     4 On October 28 th , 2010 Saudi counter-terrorism officials relayed to U.S. and German authorities specific intelligence regarding two packages srcinating in Sana‟a Yemen. Each parcel carried an incendiary explosive device bound for the Chicago, IL. In both cases the IED was concealed inside the toner cartridges of a Hewlett Packard laser jet desktop printer. A 22 year old Yemeni computer engineering student, Hanan al-Samawi was believed to have mailed both packages the previous day but was subsequently released due and believed that her identity had been stolen and used. Al- Qa‟eda of the Arabian Peninsula had begun “Operation Hemorrhage”.    ____________________________________________________________________________________ Device #1 was in a package was posted at a UPS agent in Sana‟a, Yemen and checked in on ultimately bound for Chicago. The first plane (passenger) left Sana‟a, Yemen to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). From Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Cologne, Germany on a UPS cargo plane, and then placed on UPS Flight 232, a Boeing 767, bound for the United States. However, due to it‟s heavy cargo there was a scheduling cha nge to refuel in East Midlands, UK in order to complete its transatlantic leg when Scotland Yard‟s Bomb Disposal Unit  made a 6 hour initial sweep of UP S‟s parcel distribution center and failed to locate the device and the aircraft was cleared to continue on to Pittsburgh, PA. The first device was found in Dubai, the plane was recalled and upon a second sweep located the package. Seven examinations of the package were made and it was believed to be a “dummy package”  and disassembled in 3 hours. It was not until confirmation of the viability of the bomb discovered in Dubai that the team realized that they had taken apart and detonated a live device. Device #2 was a package posted at a Federal Express agent in Sana‟a, Yemen bound for Chicago, checked on 2 separate passenger planes. Qatar Airways jet (144 seat Airbus A320), left from Sana‟a, Yemen to Doha, Qatar where it remained for a day. The second Qatar Airways plane (Airbus A321 or Boeing 777) left from Doha to a scheduled stopover in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The package was detected and seized prior to departure for the 3 rd   leg of it‟s   5  journey on a FedEx Express plane in the Fed Ex distribution center at the Dubai International Airport. Difficulty in detection was due to the sophistication of the device ‟ s elements made to look naturally a part of a standard printer cartridge and the use of PETN made it virtually undetectable. The cartridges each contained 340 grams of PETN, 50 grams of which would be sufficient to puncture an aircraft ‟ s skin. A syringe containing lead azide acted as the detonating charge for both devices as well as the timing mechanism created from disassembled mobile phones. Forensic experts identified Ibrahim Hassan al- Asiri , AQAP‟s primary bomb maker, as the architect of the devices.  ____________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Target / Victims Primary victims were global corporations such as UPS, Federal Express and Qatar Airlines, their passengers and crewmembers. Secondary victims: Congregation Or Chadesh and Congregation B‟nai Zion to whom packages were addressed. 8. Actors / Agents    Al- Qa‟eda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is designated as a foreign terrorist organization whose base of operations is currently in southern Yemen. It is a dissident militant Islamic organization and a main branch of Al- Qa‟eda proper in Afghanistan/Pakistan regions.    Ibrahim Hassan Tali al-Asiri –  22 year old, male, Saudi n ational and AQAP‟s principle bomb maker believed to be responsible for both IED
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