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Drug Calculation Formulae SI units Calculating doses (oral) Converting larger units into the next smaller unit A prescription chart informs you of the total dose To convert a larger unit into a smaller unit you that the patient is to receive. Your task is to find multiply by 1000. out the amount of drug in each tablet. Then you
    Drug Calculaton Formulae SI unisConvertng larger unis ino he nex smaller uni To convert a larger unit into a smaller unit you mulply by 1000.e.g.Convert 5g into milligrams:5 X 1000 = 5000 mgTo mulply by 1000 you move the decimal point 3 places to the right. Convertng smaller unis ino he nex larges uni To convert a smaller unit into a larger unit you divide by 1000.e.gConvert 1500g into ilograms:1500 ! 1000 = 1.5gTo divide by 1000 you move the decimal point 3 places to the le . Calculatng doses (oral) # prescripon chart in$orms you o$ the total dose that the paent is to receive. %our tas is to &nd out the amount o$ drug in each tablet. Then you 'ould need to calculate ho' many o$ the tablets 'ould be re(uired. The formula is:Amoun prescried (! ha #ou an$) Amoun in each ale (! ha #ou$ve go$)% he numer of ales e.g. # paent is prescribed 300mg #llopurinol. The tablets are available as 100mg strength. )o' many 100mg are there in 300mg* or 300mg divided by 100mg.300mg100mg= 3 tablets &ou ma# also need o conver ha #ou an or ha #ou$ve go ino he same S'I uni o enale #ou o mae his calculaton'   Calculatng doses  (li*uids) +hen a drug prescribed is in li(uid $orm the availability is given in terms o$ the concentraon o$ the drug 'ithin a stated volume. #s long as the (uanty o$ the drug is no'n and the concentraon o$ the drug in the soluon is no'n the dose can be calculated. The formula ould e: Dose prescried + volume of soc solutonDose availale% volume re*uired e.g. 10mgs ,e-amethasone X 1ml= .5mls/mgml vials available   Calculatng Inravenous drip raes (in millilires per hour) +hen in$using drugsuids via a syringe driver or volumetric in$usion pump2 it is necessary to calculate the drip rate in millilitres per hour. The formula ould e:Toal volume o e infused%,aeTime o e infused over e.g.1000mls 0.4 odium Chloride= 15mlhr  Calculatng Inravenous drip raes (in drops per minue) Calculang drips per minute is necessary 'hen a pump cannot be obtained and the 6gravity7 method is used. The follo ing formula is used:,ae % -olume + Drops per ml Time in hours .inues per hour The number o$ drops per ml 8 'ill be indicated on the pacaging o$ the in$usion set 9giving set. For the purposes of this calculaon exercise: ;lood 6thic7 uids = 15 drops per mlClear uids=0 drops per mle.g. # paent is to receive 1< 54 lucose in > hours.Calculate the rate in drops per minute using the standard giving set 90 drops per ml. 1000ml X 0 drops per ml > hours?0 minutes = 1000 X 0 = 0 000 > ?0 />0 = /0 drops per minue (o neares drop)   Duraton of an Infusion @t may somemes be necessary to tae2 given the rate 9on drops per minute at 'hich the in$usion hasbeen set. The follo ing formula can e used:Time % -olume (mls) + Drops per ml,ae(drop per min) .ins per hr e.g.300ml elo$usin is dropping at 0 drops per minute.The giving set delivers 15 drop per ml A ho' long 'ill the blood tae to in$use*300ml elo$usin X 15 drops per ml0 drop per minute ?0 Binutes per hour= 300 X 15=/500 0 ?0100   Calculatng drug dose according o od# eigh ome drug e.g. ancoagulant drugs and paediatricdrugs can be calculated in dose per ilogram o$ body 'eight.To calculate a single dose you calculate the (uanty o$ dose re(uired per day and divide it by the number o$ doses. The follo ing formula is used:Toal dose per da# % Dose per g + 1eigh (in g)Single dose%Dose per da#2umer of dose e.g.# paent is prescribed a drug at 30mg per ilogram in 3 doses. The paent 'eights >0g.30mg 9per g X >0g = /00mg 9total dose per day/00mg 9total dose per day 3 doses 344mg 5er dose   Calculatng Dalaparin Doses  # paent is prescribed 13 000 units o$ ,altaparin. %ou have a 0.ml pre &lled syringe 90 000 units in 1ml. )o' much A in volume do you give* 6o man# unis are in he 4'7ml pre 8lled s#ringe904 444 unis x 4'7mls % 3 444 unis1ha #ou anx -olume drug is in1ha #ou$ve go; 444 x 4'7mls % 4'<=mls3 444
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