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Actividad de metacognición ingles

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Actividad de metacognición ingles
   A  CTIVIDAD DE METACOGNICIÓN Edgar Said Cabello Gonzales 1895969 105Jonathan Adrian Rivera Corpus 1905233 105Daniel Pérez Rocha 1904804 105Cesar Gael Capiz Nequis 1899005 105  3. D ISCUSS AND ANSWER DE FOLLOWINGQUESTIONS   A) What would happened to the person of the documentary of the continues eating atthe fast food restaurant for 30 days?   He would die or have high way that is bad for the healthy   B) Do you thing fast food is bad for your health?   Yes, I do   C) Do you think fast food alters you weight? Why?   Yes, because you only eat fast food you would have highway and if you continue wouldbe mortal   D) Is you healthy in danger if you undergo this experiment? Why?   Yes, because I  don’t  eat a lot of fast food   E) Identify what happened to spur look in day 2   He have a Mc stomage each and vomited when he is the car   F) You´re Spurlock, How do you salve this problem that happened to him in day two?   I go to the doctor to see what happen with my healthy  6.W ORK WITH SOME TEAM . D ISCUSS AND ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS   A) Do you think there is a negative effect onSpurlock physical health?   Yes, because they say that can´t do exercise andaffect his health because get fat   Do you thing there is negative effect an Spurlockmental health?   Yes, for example they look in the Mirror Goodbut, they are bad or they suffer bullying  7. D IVIDE THE TEAM INTO TWO TO DO A DEBATE ABOUT THE CASE  “S UPER  S IZE M E ” Favor Against  You save time  You can eat in home There are complete menus  Affordable prices They offer different dishes to eat Don’t wash  dishes  You can eat in almost everywhere  You can eat it quickly It have good tastes It is easy to transport Diseases begin Excess of fats, calories and sugarsThey have chemicals ordering can be delayed Weight gain Generate problems with learning Causes depression in young people Cause fatigue and weakness Respiratory problems Cause kidney diseases  8. C ONCLUSION   In conclusion the experiment  “Super  Size  Me”  isa experiment that search the people thing abouttheirs diets of fast food because this type of foodis dangerous for the health of the people and thisfood can mortal for anyone than not care theirhealth, and maybe this experiment is only adocumental of the fast food restaurant about thehabits for eat
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