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Maintenance of Accounting Information System at Private Banking Sectors in Bangladesh Submitted by WWW.ASSIGNMENTPOINT.COM Page | 1 Background of the study: The EAP program is an essential part of Masters of Business Administration (MBA). As a student of EAP, it is required to work in a selected institution to enhance ones practical knowledge and experiences. Fo
  Maintenance of Accounting Information Systemat Private Banking Sectors in Bangladesh   Submitted byWWW.ASSIGNMN!P IN!.# M Page | 1   Background of the study$ The EAP program is an essential part of Masters of Business Administration (MBA). As a student of EAP, it is required to work in a selected institution to enhance ones practical knowledge andeperiences. !or the requirement of m course # was assigned to work on Pri$ate Banking %ector. #nthis situation # was assigned to prepare report on &  A study on the Maintenance of Accounting  Information System at Private Banking Sectors in Bangladesh”  %.%. Significance of the study$ !or an Masters of Business Administration (MBA) student onl curriculum acti$ities is not enoughfor handling the real life 'usiness situation. EAP program is the perfect 'lend of the theoretical andthe practical life eperience. hole the report has descri'ed the different terms that is related to theA#% and the detail scenario of the different pri$ate 'anking performances. %.&. Sco'e of the study$ The stud has 'een conducted into two steps. #n the first step, the concept, use, principles etc. of A#%on Pri$ate Banking %ector ha$e 'een studied. #n the second part the opinion of the internal users has 'een collected. %.(. b)ectives of the study$ General objective:   The prime o'ecti$e of this report is to anal *e the  *A study on the Maintenance of AccountingInformation System At Private Banking Sectors in Bangladesh+  Secific objectives: +.To conceptuali*ed A#% at Pri$ate Banking %ectors..To know a'out the s stem mainl Pri$ate Banking %ectors follow in the operation of A#%.-.To identif the computer 'ased transactions in Pri$ate Banking %ectors.To classif the software at Pri$ate Bank use in their operation./.To 'e acquainted with the main software the use for maintaining A#%.0.To know a'out the we'1'ase transaction s stem the use.2.To identif how the process clients data.3.To know a'out their internal controlling techniques. 4.To 'e familiar with their reporting s stem.+5. To recogni*e how the maintain the principle of A#%.++.To identif the opinion of internal users of A#% in Pri$ate Banking %ectors.+.To identif the pro'lems in the A#%, if an .+-.To recommend a guideline for impro$ing A#% practices in Pri$ate Banking %ectors. %.,. Methodology of the study$ Methods followed to perform a o' or conducting acti$ities to complete a task is called methodolog .#n conducting this stud the following methodolog was adopted in collecting data 6 information, preparation of reports etc. The methodolog of report is gi$en 'elow7 Page | 2  %.-.%. esearch !y'e$ This is a qualitati$e 6 descripti$e research8 which 'riefl eplain the accounting information s stemin Pri$ate 'anking sector in Bangladesh. %.-.&. Sources of /ata$ To prepare this report all the necessar information collected from 'oth primar and secondar sources of data. i!Primary sources of data: !or preparing this report, data was collected from different primar sources. 9ifferent questionsasked to #T officer and !A9 officer to collect the required data. Those data are collected throughface to con$ersation and o'ser$ation. ii!Secondary sources of data: %econdar sources of data are of two kinds7 o Internal 7 Annual :eports of all pri$ate 'anks, ;ther pu'lished documents of the 'ank, 'anks e'site. o 0ternal 7 Books, Articles and e'site.  %.-.(. /ata #ollection Procedure$ 9ata collection procedures are conducted into two categories. <ere in 'elow we descri'ed all of those procedures of data collection. i!Primary ata #ollection Procedure: Primar 9ata are collected from the A#% and #T department. # collect those data through aninformal questionnaire. 9ifferent people from !A9 6 #T department and Branch were asked for their opinion a'out %oftware, ;rgani*ational structure and some more information a'out theo$erall s stem. # use different method for gathering primar data like o'ser$ation method, face toface discussion method and questionnaire sur$e . ii!Secondary ata #ollection Procedure:   %econdar 9ata can 'e found inside the compan , on the internet, an pu'lished 'ook for eternaluser. !or this report # collect secondar data from internet, 'ook and =ournals. %.-.,. Sam'ling Plan$ i. $arget Poulation: !or the questionnaire target population was the internal user of A#% in local 'ranch and for o'ser$ation and face to face discussion target population was the emplo ee of !A96 #T departments. ii.  Samle Si%e:  +2. iii.  Samling Method:  >on1pro'a'ilit con$enience method. iv.  Samle &rame:  >o structured sampling frame was used.   Page | 3  %.-. /ata Analysis 1 e'orting$ This report has 'een prepared after $isiting +2 'anks. All the secondar data are attached in appendi part. 9ifferent t pes of computer software?s are used to anal *e collected data such as1 Microsoftord552, Microsoft Ecel552, and the frequenc anal sis are done through #BM %P%%$5.5. %.2. 3imitation of the study$ Though # ha$e gi$en utmost effort to prepare this paper 'ut there are some limitations of the stud .%uch are as follows1  %ince the 'ank personnel were $er 'us on their personal acti$ities, the could not pro$ide enough time to me to discus m su'ect 'roadl .  @ack of opportunit to $isit #T 6 !A9 department more than one time.  The we'site of 'anks are not that much rich with data.  The main constrain of the stud was in sufficienc of information, which was requiredfor the stud . There are $arious information the 'ank emplo ee can?t pro$ide due tosecurit and other corporate o'ligations.  9ue to time limitation man of the aspects could not 'e discussed in the present report.@earning all a'out within ust - week is reall tough.  %ome information that are skipped ' the respondent.  e ha$e some error while anal *ing the data and preparing the report. 9espite of these limitations, # ha$e tried m 'est to prepare the report. &.%. vervie4 of Private Banks in Bangladesh +2 chosen 'anks description are gi$en in 'elow. All the 'anks was $isited for collecting the primar data. Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited Page | 4
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