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A Kaleidoscope of Gathering at Keinsmerbrug (A Corded Ware Culture wetland settlement site in the Netherlands): Features

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Full publication avaliable for free download on the cultureelerfgoed website. Keinsmerbrug: a kaleidoscope of gathering The analysis of the Keinsmerbrug site, excavated in 1986, was the first step in our research as part of the Odyssey project
  NederlandseArcheologischeRapporten 043  A Kaleidoscopeof Gathering at Keinsmerbrug (the Netherlands) Late Neolithic Behavioural Variability in a Dynamic Landscape   A Kaleidoscopeo Gahering a Keinsmerbrug (he Neherlands) Late Neolithic Behavioural Variability in a Dynamic Landscape B.I. Smit, O. Brinkkemper, J.P. Kleijne,R.C.G.M. Lauwerier & E.M. Theunissen (eds)  ColoonLae Neolihic Behavioural Variabiliy in a Dynamic Landscape:a Kaleidoscope o Gahering a Keinsmerbrug (he Neherlands) Auhors: S.M. Beckerman, D.C. Brinkhuizen, V. Garcia Diaz, L. Kubiak-Marens, G.R. Nobles, T. F.M. Oudemans,J.H.M. Peeers, B.I. Smi, H. Van Haaser J.T. Zeiler, O. Brinkkemper, J.P. Kleijne, R.C.G.M. Lauwerier, E.M. Theunissen,D.C.M. Raemaekers & A.L. Van GijnEdiors: B.I. Smi, O. Brinkkemper, J.P. Kleijne, R.C.G.M. Lauwerier, E.M. TheunissenIllusraions: Gary Nobles, Marjolein Haars (BCL- Archaeological Suppor), S. Boersma (Groningen Insiue o Archaeology,ceramics chaper 4), J. Porck (aculy o Archaeology, Leiden Universiy, in/sone ool drawings chaper 5), he auhors,Culural Heriage Agency o he Neherlands, unless oherwise saedEdior o illusraions: Marjolein Haars (BCL- Archaeological Suppor), O. Brinkkemper.English correcion and ranslaion: Sue Mc DonnellDesign and lay-ou: uNiek-Design, AlmereISBN/EAN: 9789057992032© Culural Heriage Agency o he Neherlands, Amersoor, 2012Culural Heriage Agency o he NeherlandsP.O. Box 16003800 BP Amersoor  The Neherlands www.culureeler This research was suppored by he Neherlands Organisaion or ScienifcResearch (NWO, Den Haag), Culural Heriage Agency (RCE, Amersoor),BIAX Consul, ArchaeoBone, Kenaz Consul, Groninger Insiuu voor Archeologie Faculy o Archaeology, Universiy o Leiden, Provincie Noord-Holland, and Siching Nederlands Museum voor Anhropologie enPraehisorie (Amserdam). . :: Kenaz Consult  3— Archaeologiss perormed a huge number o excavaions in he wenieh cenury. They werenecessary o preven he loss o he Neherlands’buried hisory as indusrial sies, residenialareas, roads, pors and railway lines were buil.The archaeological challenge was so grea haresearchers oen did no manage o analyse andpublish all excavaions. Forunaely, severalyears ago, under he Odyssey programmeunded by he Neherlands Organisaion orScienic Research (NWO) and he Minisry o Educaion, Culure and Science, money wasmade available o analyse a small proporion o he inormaion, which lay gahering dus inarchives, and o make ha inormaionaccessible o academics and he public.The Lae Neolihic sie a Keinsmerbrug inNoord-Holland was one o he sies seleced.Only a small proporion o his ineresingexcavaion had been analysed, and only a ewvery general pieces had appeared in raherinaccessible Duch repors and papers, while jusone review paper was available in English. Thepresen publicaion makes he basic daaavailable or he rs ime, and provides acomprehensive inerpreaion o he sie or aninernaional readership. The monograph beoreyou is he rs in a hree-par publicaion hawill be eniled: ‘Unlocking Noord-Holland’s LaeNeolihic Treasure Ches: Single Grave Culurebehavioural variabiliy in a idal environmen’.The analysis o he Keinsmerbrug sie ook heorm o a mulidisciplinary projec involving anumber o parners: he Culural HeriageAgency, he universiies o Groningen andLeiden, Noord-Holland provincial auhoriy andvarious commercial paries – BIAX Consul,ArchaeoBone and Kenaz Consul. The researchgroup, had 16 members, including bohesablished and new researchers. To ensureconsisency, a number o inspiring presenaionand discussion meeings were held, where heresuls o every sudy and every researcher couldbe presened in conex wih he ohers.A he ouse, he analysis o his Lae Neolihicsie was expeced o produce some specialresuls, bu in he end i exceeded allexpecaions. The analyses provided newinsighs ino he ood economy, occupaion andsociey in he coasal area o Noord-Hollandprovince in he Lae Neolihic. As such, heKeinsmerbrug sie is a ne example o hisinernaionally unique ype o agriculuralsociey.I should like o hank all who ook par in hisprojec or heir eors, and o complimenhem on he magnicen resul. Finally, I shouldlike o hank NWO or is guidance and nancialsuppor, and o wish he reader a grea deal o pleasure in perusing he repor. Jos Bazelmans Head, Immovable Heritage Knowledge Research andKnowledge Sector, Cultural Heritage Agency Preace  4— Keinsmerbrug: a kaleidoscope o gahering  The analysis o he Keinsmerbrug sie, excavaedin 1986, was he rs sep in our research as paro he Odyssey projec eniled ‘UnlockingNoord-Holland’s Lae Neolihic Treasure Ches:Single Grave Culure behavioural variabiliy in aidal environmen’. The unpublished daaavailable suggesed Keinsmerbrug was a smallsie lacking clear srucures. The limied scale o he excavaion (area approx. 300 m2, excavaedin a single campaign) made his sie he obviouschoice as a es case or he approach o beadoped in he Single Grave Culure projec. Agroup o specialiss worked ogeher o unlockand inegrae culural/ecological inormaion andresearch daa. The projec eam consiss o 16people ackling dieren subjecs and working in  various insiuional setings (commercial agencies, universiies and he Culural Heriage Agency). The good preservaion o he archaeologicalremains a Keinsmerbrug allowed us o gain aninsigh ino he exploiaion o animal and planresources here. Based on he archaeozoologicalevidence i is clear ha subsisence was basedon a combinaion o catle breeding, shing andowling. Besides catle, some sheep or goas andyoung pigs were consumed. The ew wildmammals presen like wol, poleca and marenwere probably huned or heir urs. Fish romboh saline and brackish waers was animporan par o he die. Flash – paricularlyounder – and surgeon were caugh. By ar hemos asonishing aspec is he huge quaniy o bird bones discovered. Dieren kinds o birds,especially ducks (mallard, eal/garganey andwigeon), were caugh in huge numbers.Esimaes o he oal number o birdscaugh range rom 5000 o 10,000. Naked barleyand emmer whea were brough o he sie ascleaned or semi-cleaned grains. Besides cereals,seeds o various orache species were gaheredor ood. I is remarkable ha no oher wildplan oods such as crab apple, berries, hazelnusand acorns were consumed. Evidence or hegahering o roos and ubers or ood is alsolacking. Chemical evidence has shown ha grainwas cooked in liquid and ha sarch-rich oodswere mixed wih a small amoun o animal a orsh oil. Mea and sh were probably preparedor consumpion using re (open or oherwise),in he orm o smoking, grilling or preparaion inashpis. Similar cooking sraegies and drying onracks were used o conserve he large number o ducks and sh which mus have been preparedor sorage and ranspor o oher setlemens.Alhough he number o nds is no veryhigh he sudy o he maerial culure revealedsome imporan resuls. One inriguing aspec o he ceramics is heir variaion. Alhough heceramics are low in number he variaion inhickness, empering and decoraion is high. I islikely ha his variaion is caused by dierencesin he srcins o he vessels or he srcins orpreerences o he individual poters. Peoplerom dieren local SGC radiions probablyvisied his specic locaion a dieren imes, Summary 
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