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'Snakes' - A.K. Ramanujam No, it does not happen When I walk through the woods. But, walking in museums of quarts or the aisles of bookstacks, looking at their geometry without curves and the layers of transparency that make them opaque, dwelling on the yellower vein in the yellow amber or touching a book that has gold on its spine, I think of snakes. The twirls of their hisses rise like the tiny dust-cones on slow-noon roads winding through the farmer's feet Black lorgnettes a
  'Snakes'- A.K. RamanujamNo, it does not happenWhen I walk through the woods.But, walking in museums o !uartsor the aisles o ooksta#ks,looking at their geometr$without #ur%esand the la$ers o transparen#$that make them opa!ue,dwelling on the $ellower %einin the $ellow am eror tou#hing a ook that has goldon its spine,I think o snakes.&he twirls o their hissesrise like the tin$ dust-#ones on slow-noon roadswinding through the armer's eetBla#k lorgnettes are et#hed on their hoods,ridi#ulous, alien, like some terri le aunt,a #rest among tiles and s#ales,that moult with the darkening halo e%er$ moon.A asketul o ritual #o ras#omes into the tame little house,their rown-wheat glisten ringed with ripples&he$ li#k the room with their odies, #ur%esun#urling, writing a si ilant alpha et o pani#on m$ loor. other gi%es them milkin sau#ers. She wat#hes them su#kand are the la#k-line designet#hed on the rass o the sau#er.&he snakeman wreathes their writhinground the ne#kor ather's smilingmone$. But I s#ream.Sister ties her raids with a knot o tassel.But the wea%e o her knee-long raid has s#alestheir gleaming held $ a s#ore o #lean new pins,I look till I see her again$ night ull o ghosts rom a sadnessin a pla$, m$ let oot listens to m$ right ootall,a #lo#kwork #li#king in the silen#ewithin m$ walking.&he #li#kshod heel suddenl$ strikesand alushes on a snake. I see him turn,the green white o his ell$measured $ luish nodes, a water lea#hes lotusstalkplu#ked $ a landsman hand. (et pani# rushesm$ od$ to m$ eet, m$ spasms wringand drain his eet and mine. I lea%e him sealed,a lat-head whiteness on a stain.  Nowrogs #an hop upon this sausage rope,lies in the sun will mo the look in his e$es,and I #an walk through the woods.And I #an walk through the woods.
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