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the way
  THE WAY  a review of Christian spirituality published by the British Jesuits  April 2007 Volume 46, Number 2 SPIRITUALITY AND THE PRESENT MOMENT What arrives at each moment bears the imprint of God’s will  THE WAY April 2007 Foreword  5-6 The Sacrament of Now 7-19  Andrew Ryder  The German-born spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle has become something of a vogue figure. Andrew Ryder explores the convergences between  Tolle’s teaching and the tradition of self-abandonment to divine providence associated with de Caussade. The Treatise on Abandonment to Divine Providence 21-36 Dominique Salin  Abandonment to Divine Providence has been a much-loved spiritual text ever since its publication in 1861. A noted French scholar sets the treatise in its cultural and theological context, and reports on recent studies discrediting the claim of Jean-Pierre de Caussade SJ to be its author. Praying Differently 37-47 Dennis H. van Lier Many people find that they began praying to a God whom they imagined as ‘out there’, only to discover later a God who is working more powerfully and mysteriously within themselves. Dennis van Lier tells us about how this kind of change has happened for him. The Second Journey of John Henry Newman 49-57 Gerald O’Collins  The wisdom that enables us to see the present moment as a sacrament of God is often hard won. For many, it comes only through the ‘second  journey’, or mid-life crisis. Gerald O’Collins explores this maturing process in John Henry Newman. The Experience of God in Suffering and Dying 59-74  Monika Renz How do people cope spiritually with the onset of death? An experienced and sensitive music therapist reports on what she has learnt from her work with cancer patients.  THE WAY April 2007 Theology, Prayer and The Divine Office 75-88 Gavin D’Costa People often think of theology as a detached, cerebral activity. Here a practising theologian argues for a different vision: theology needs to be schooled by prayer, perhaps especially by the prayer of The Divine Office. Theological Trends  Zen and Christians 89-102  Ama Samy Zen attracts some Christians because it seems to offer a religion of pure immanence, free of doctrines, and not subject to ecclesiastical constraints. A Jesuit who is also a Zen master suggests a rather different account of how Zen Buddhism and Christianity might enrich each other. Book Reviews 103-128 Thomas M. McCoog on why Mary Ward’s institute encounted problems Gill K. Goulding on three new books about Ignatius and discernment Clarence Gallagher on a study of the theology and spirituality promoted in Mary Tudor’s reign Austen Ivereigh on a collection of essays introducing contemporary Catholicism Kevin T. Kelly on the autobiography of Charles Curran Patricia Harriss on women, power and theology William R. McFadden on Donald Cozzens and celibacy Paul Nicholson on a biological reading of spirituality  John Pridmore on Kenneth Leech and ministry in London’s East End Michael Kirwan on martyrdom, Christianity and Islam David Goodall on a rich literary anthology of Christian texts Sue Delaney on a study of theology and the family  THE WAY April 2007 FOR AUTHORS The Way  warmly invites readers to submit articles with a view to publication. They should normally be about 4,000 words long, and be in keeping with the journal’s aims. The Editor is always ready to discuss possible ideas. Further details can be found on The Way  ’s website, ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Dominique Salin’s article first appeared in Christus , the journal of spirituality published by the French  Jesuits. The English text, translated by the Editor of The Way  , is supplemented with some material from Fr Salin’s introduction to his edition of L’Abandon à la providence divine , formerly attributed to Jean-Pierre de Caussade (Paris: Desclée, 2005). We are grateful to the editors and the author for permission to reproduce this material. Monika Renz’s article was translated by Miriam Schütt and Philip Endean SJ. The scripture quotations herein are generally from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, and are used by permission. All rights reserved.
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