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TABLE OF CONTENTS Lore: Life as Legends p. 2 Archetype features p. 3 Wrestling Techniques (lvl 3) p. 3 Legendary Skills (lvl 6) p. 3 Vigorous Encouragemen
  1 Not for resale. Permission granted to print or photocopy this document for personal use only. LEGENDARY WRESTLER Lore: Life as Legends p. 2 Archetype features p. 3  Wrestling Techniques (lvl 3)  p. 3  Legendary Skills (lvl 6) p. 3  Vigorous Encouragement (lvl 6) p. 3  Domain Superiority (lvl 10)  p. 4   Mighty Throwdown (lvl 14) p. 5Featured characters as NPCs p. 6   Garnox the half-orc   p. 6   Vindrel the half-elf   p. 10  Garnox & Vindrel as a team p. 10  Garnox & Vindrel as adversaries  p. 11  Khululukul the savage sahuagin p. 14Credits p. 16 Garnox & Vindrel paper cutout p. 17  TABLE OF CONTENTS   T  here was a time when elves still called the feywild home, before orcs were hordes, and metal was foreign to man. It was a time  when naught but quick wit and raw might could prevail against the despotism of giants and the carnage of dragons.Primordial legends of such heroes were once told throughout the land. Though forgotten for aeons, their deeds survived as paintings on the rock walls of hidden caves.Guided by the songs of migrating northern  barbarian tribes, loremasters weaved together uncanny tales of mythic heroism from these images. Lyrics and ancient brushstrokes coalesce to reveal the names, GARNOX and  VINDREL.Inspired by their immortal deeds, the bold and foolhardy alike embark upon the perilous Path of the Legendary Wrestler. They have nothing to guide them but excavated tales. Tales that told of Garnox, and how he with his orc-blood ferocity drove thunderbeasts out of the golden hills. Even Fangfather, enormous and  brutal without equal, was flung into a secluded existence in the savage southwestern peninsula. Tales that told of Vindrel, and how he with his half-fey grace, plucked raiders of the avian empire out of the sky. He ended the dynasty of terror when he brought the Murder of Princes to their terrestrial doom. Wrestling was their passion and delivering craniums to rock their calling. Beloved by the fair folk across the land, they were showered by accolades. For accolade, they right wrongs.  Through accolade, they hurl foes into the depths of crushing defeat. With their combined might, they formed the  bulwark against the tidal wave of destruction  brought upon by dragons and giants. Roving giant lords were brought to their knees and t heir legions Life as Legends turned, while dragons flew an eyesight away to in fear of the dreaded magma baths. Their war had not place where the fair folk dwelled.“Fake! Ridiculous! Juvenile!” remarked many who heard the story. Yet, the veracity of these tall tales carried no weight among those who walked in the footsteps of these legends. Because those who did, knew that they took the path not because others had proven that those extraordinary feats could be done, but to prove that THEY could do it. Alas, the truth may never be known. Progress  was infrequent due to the curious circumstance of loremasters quitting their research to become legendary wrestlers themselves. With, to say the least, varying degree of success. While the surface world celebrated the heroism of Garnox and Vindrel, the ocean dwelling sa-huagins idolised the savagery of their primal champion, KHULULUKUL. Hatched from the royal egg chamber, he was gifted with four powerful arms. With his trusty giant shark Shul’kirk by his side, he established sahuagin dominion over other sea-dwelling folks. Bygone empires and clans could claim comparable achievement, yet they could only dream of attempting what he almost succeeded in; landward domination. Woe to the dreamers, for the fantasy of life on land remained as such, brutally crushed by half-breed devils. Bewitched by their foolishness he fought on their terms, and was beaten by experience. His demise on the Cloud Peaks brought about a collapse that lingered in their collective memories for countless generations. ock Carvings from the Ocean Cavern
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