Beyond Barrows
D. Fontijn, A. J. Louwen,S. van der Vaart & K. Wentink 
edited by 
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Fontijn, D., A.J. Louwen, S. van der Vaart & K. Wentink (eds) 2013:
Beyond Barrows. Current research on the sctructuration and  perception of the Prehistoric Landscape through Monuments.
 Leiden: Sidestone Press.
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© 2013 AuthorsPublished by Sidestone Press, Leiden www.sidestone.comSidestone registration number: SSP120500001ISBN 978-90-8890-108-9Photograph cover: C. Cronberg, Swedish National Heritage Board, LundCover design: K. Wentink, Sidestone PressLay-out: F. Stevens / P.C. van Woerdekom, Sidestone Press
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