e been thinking about Christmas
…about the path and WHO God is
about how to reach his presence..
…in the midst of noise and
peace ???
…in the midst of beauty
and cruelty
…in the midst
 of life and death ..in the midst of health and sickness ..in
the midst of love and hate…
 ..have been thinking about Christmas ..about the beauty and WHO God is
..about this life … and is it possible???
 ..to see the beauty of WHO God is..
…have been thinking and thoughts are coming
 ..a lucent whisper to my soul ..have been thinking and thoughts are pressing ..pressing, piercing upon my soul ..in fact it is very possible ..to see the beauty of WHO God is ..but there is always a price awaiting .. before you see WHO He is
 too much light in his beauty ..too much sorrow and too much pain ..too much joy and too much mercy.. ..implicit are hidden in his hands
…light and darkness are at His hands
 ..life and death so close to Him.. ..pain and joy at the same place ..at the same time in his hands ..too much love is in his beauty ..too much giving, too much pain
are implicit in his beauty ..the giving and taking Hand..
*** ..the danger of his beauty is to losing.. ..unless we find..
..and unless we lose we never are able…
..to find the beauty of his love…
 ..heavy thoughts are pressing lovely.. ..to find his beauty at all cost..
..to see and not die the God incarnate …
 ..to see and love and die for Him
 ..to go beyond the space and timing.. ..to touch the mystery of Him ..to penetrate into His timing.. ..to certainly unite with Him *** ..I want to wish you Merry Christmas ..enjoy the path of mystery ..I want to wish you many blessings ..on this path of discovery.. ..and if somehow you find succeeding.. ..in knowing finally WHO He is.. ..please
don’t hesitate in letting me know…
..WHO this paradoxical God is… ::))
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