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  CONTENTSDedicationAcknowledgementIntroduction 1 You can! 2 Don’t surrender to your prolems 3 Step out! 4 Ceck your tougts 5 You need to a"e a dream 6 E"en #od as a plan$ #et one! 7  Noting works until you do% Take action! 8 I& you want to reap wat you want plant wat you a"e 9 Don’t stop teir! 'o"e on  Introduction (i&e is a )ourney to rise ao"e te ordinary% No poor man wants to remain poor &ore"er and no ric man wants to ecome poor% No &ailure wants to remain a &ailure and no success&ul man wants to e a &ailure% At te ordinary li&e makes a meaning and as noting to contriute to te umanity% *eople try to a"oid setting at it% E"eryody seeks &or promotion to a le"el ao"e te ordinary% No one wants to associate wit te name +ordinary,% It as no relation and can &orce one to deny e"en is &amily% A man to run away &rom%I disco"ered tat te +ordinary man, is not orn to remain ordinary% Te ordinary is only meant to e te initial stage in e"ery endea"or o& li&e% It is a temporary stage in li&e% It is not meant to  e permanent stage% Tat is )ust te message o& tis ook- you can inspire yoursel& to rise ao"e te ordinary% O& course$ people wo are e.traordinary today started &rom te ordinary%Te message o& tis ook will eal your li&e and place you were you elong to% Tere is a place &or you ao"e te ordinary% You can’t a&&ord to settle your li&e at te ordinary% You )ust need to cew tis pill and ecome a success% Don’t e tempted to use luck$ eiter good or ad$ as an e.cuse &or not rising ao"e te ordinary% Te )ourney o& li&e can’t e attriuted to luck$ ut to one’s desire$ determination and andwork% Tere is a place o& success and greatness &or you% Tere is a place were you can te &ullest o& te potentials in you% A place were your struggles will produce results in your li&e% Tere is a need &or you to disco"er and occupy tat position in li&e$ you migt a"e noticed tat we a"e a stepladder society% E"eryone is always desiring to mo"e one step up te ladder% No one wants to settle at te ordinary$ e"en you% /ut not e"eryone knows te secrets o& rising ao"e te ordinary%In tis ook$ I will sow you ow you can rise ao"e te ordinary$ no matter your di&&iculties in li&e% It is a &ormular &or rising ao"e te ordinary% It is a pill tat will ne"er &ail you% I in"ite you to take a walk wit me% (et me tell you aout acie"ers and ow you can ecome one too! Tis will make your li&e a ligt &or someone else’s patway$ Tis &ormular ad ne"er let me down% It as ne"er let anyody down and it will ne"er let you down%Tis ook will elp you de"elop te courage to step into success% *roaly you’re not in need o& opportunities- tey are already tere waiting &or you% 0ust a"e to de"elop te courage to rise ao"e te ordinary no matter ow di&&icult te )ourney migt e%#et up! You can rise ao"e te ordinary% Tat you’re orn ordinary doesn’t mean tat you must rela. at te ordinary% You are orn to rise ao"e te ordinary% Inspire yoursel&$ it is time &or you to lea"e te com&ort 1one o& te ordinary$ it is time &or you to lea"e te com&ort 1one o& te ordinary% /reaking troug te sell migt e di&&icult and li&e outside migt e more di&&icult% It is still etter and more rewarding tan at te ordinary%As you read tis ook$ igligt words and sentences wic trigger you into action% 'ediate on tem and act on tem% Tat’s you pat to a success&ul li&e%
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