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Cheng- field and wave electromagnetics 2ed

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Cheng- field and wave electromagnetics 2ed
  I realizethat, no matter how careful I have endeavored to be, occasional errors may still exist. I should be grateful i youwouldbe kind enough to notify me a3you discover them either in the book orin this manual. Sincerely, DavidK Cheng Electrical andComputer Engineering Department Syracuse University Syracuse,   1321 For the use of instru tors only.  -roduced by Addison-Wesley from camera-ready copy supplied by the lhor.I yright   1983 by ·AddiRon-Wealey Publishing Company Inc. I rightsreserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced. Ired in a retrieval sY8tem~ran mitlted in any form or byany Ins electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise lhout the prior written permi8sion ofthe publisher.Printed in   United States of America. Publishedsimultaneously in Canada. N 0 201 10129 1 FGHIJ·AL 89818    A note to instructors using FIELD  N W VE ELECTROH GNETICS Dear Colleague: As teachers of introductoryelectromagnetics, we are all aware of two facts:that most studentsconsiderthe subject matter difficult and that thereare numerousbookson the market dealing with this subject.  t is understandable that s~u nts findelectromagnetics difficult. First of all the subject ma tter is buil t upon abstract models that demand agood math- ematical background. Second before the course on elec- tromagnetics, students whohave studied circuit theory normally encounter functions of only one independent variable, namely, time whereas1n electromagneticsthey are suddenly required to deal withfunctions of four variables  space and time). This is a big transition, and visualization problems associated with solid geometryadd tothe difficulty. Finally, students areoften confused about the w y t subject matter Is developed even after they havecompleted the course, mainly because mostbooksdo not provide a unified and comprehensible approach. AsI point out in the Preface of the book the inductive ap- proach of beginning with thevariousexperimental laws tends to be fragmentedand lacks cohesiveness, whereas the practiceof writing the four general Maxwell s equations at the outset without discussing their necessity and sufficiency presents amajor stumblingblock for learning.Students are often puzzled about the structureof theelectromagnetic model.I sincerely believe that the gradual axiomaticapproach based on Helmholtz s theoremusedin this book provides unityin thegradational development of the electromagnetic modelfrom the very simple model for electrostatics. Although   rigorous mathematicalproof of Helmholtz s theorem is relatively involved  not  - cluded in the book the physical concept of specifying both the flow source and the vortex  circulation) source inordertodefine a vector field is Quite simple. Many review ~Destlons are provided at the end of each chapter. They are deSigned toreview  n reinforce the essential material 1n thechapter without the need for a calculator. You may wish to use them as a vehicle fordiscussion in class. I have tried to m~ke the problems in each chapter meaningfUl and to avoid trlvlal number plu~1ng types. This solutions manual gives the solutions andanswers to all the problems in the book.I hope it proves to bea usefulaid in teaching from the book.Answers to odd-numberedproblems are included in the back of the book.  s, = 8 -r ,   - 8-A ~ ·b~ = (s.A,.(i-A) ==8-i-;--.4-0 · -. D J. D I J, Ch op   . 2 {J - T i   +:i 2- Q J I rs: -- CIt 4 a: _A_ _ =:r =- A 4 .z-~3 A A J 11 .. .z .. (- 3) , Iii • y (.6) IA-il-li '4 , - -'41 = 1, . 1,,,,1 -Iii ee) A·a· 0+ J. -4) +  -3 -  t  I} 8 = cos-I(A-iIAs) c: ctll- (-I //ifIFi): la~.s· Aa  t) A-a = A· C- A - ,h  ~s -4 .. 1 .... lv,, c e ,, 2.. « A JI C - -4.. of- A y IJ - ~/O C,) A.  i.e) =  X-i ·l a -4-2 (I,)  A .1)-   = A (AeC)-A (E-i) sti,.2 - Gy4 0.,. 4. f A. ,-c = E ~· ts- ca   n- ti;,IJ  'iI y 44 -s;« 1. 2  2 n _ r ,« 1'_ r6s; ion V«C/DTS or  m rnrc~ C4rna,..$: oP - ay - Zi s   s ii .. 4- 2f T- if. .   a   , ~;;y2 + 0.; s Vee fDr.. rtlp,'n. J -//,. H,,~. Sid.S of HJ. 'iridlt Jl. :   -.. ..-- I: ~ - o~ - o~ -D   - ti z J ~~ cra.Z. ~ t 4. , ~~ ~-Q. -Qy- Q; (a)   ·   ~ 0 .... A P P ~ is 4 ,-/ ,.,i.ft.f/I e.  b Ar.a 01 1 iAn~Jc = r' In x ul ~ /7 f ,J a J •. ~ J ~Z·4- ~rDItt A·i =A·C. I w.hllv. A,,(B-C)=O. co F,o, A ai = A-C. W 1t4 . A Jt  i-c) ~ o. (.2)  I ; ,,(1., A..1. (i-c) and  J Imp ·.' A OCB- c). S/ Ctl A i: flot CI  ,1.111 v,c.,~~  I AnJ  2) cannot Itold 4 the same lim': u I... r.- C) iJ A  ,,1/ v.. c r. TJ,u~, 8 -c- 0 or Be C.   . ~. 4.- CoS(.,-~) - c.out C4SJ 4- silt S;', . 1  }i Jt A It .~~ l::~A C1l.: CJlA==:j.. c BJI: BJlC=A 3rB Sin  , . ;i·: ....  n;- uJ. ro/,, ;ons : A s - ?A. - CA J tlA - f,C s .. ,~c A 8 C = s s,. 8 ,4 ri eAt ; . -r. r = r  c-r )- c-r)-  c.; · c-r = o. .-.  c - t ).1. cc: -r . 2-fO E~p=tnd AJl(AJtX) a=A A-X)-X A-A) 0,. . A • P =- ~A -A ,i X • ;, (1':4 oS PleA . A = -if ~   4 Z. o = -4 2. . . a 3 P, Y .z I I 1 a ~ - it)t(~CO t )   ~(,.r,' +) ci.- iii l--iiyf+ii ~ ~   O~ - o~ = a.1   tiy: - Qzl 1« I c: ff A -·   -A- - M 1i P /1.1. P.  ~==I f 2 ,, a  ~ ~ I 2. 2.- f f (a.) x. .. r e.cs   =- 4- Cos  1.:rrh)-- 2 Y- r ~i,.+ - 4 J;n  2~h - Z,   .3  b) R ==  ,.l.-f %~)'/1 - {4 ~ . . .J&)'1'2 - S- f} .. t- I ( /z) - r.,,-I  4/J) - SJ.I· ~ ICr ~7T/J:= 12.0·. 2·12  4) {::I 4 lS - ii L II •  ·J I.+ 4 a   -sr -.2 (E )-  I - r ::   \ - i1 2/Z, p x ~ . 50 · - (P) 0:.- do  ~;;; J   cij.4 - a.  ) I a:. -: = f(~2 -i,1   i.J 9- c,.s -I  a. · Q.) - C. I  - nn- -  S 4
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