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Arab israel resolution proposal

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Arab israel resolution proposal
  Issue 3: Jerusalem ControlDescription: Jerusalem is a very important religious place for both the Muslims and Israelis. East Jerusalem is especially important for both of them, it have many important religious  place in it, such as the Dome of oc!, "emple Mount, #estern #all etc$ Jerusalem is mostly controlled by the Israel, %alestinians only controlled parts of it after &'().  *o+ there are (- Je+s and /3/ Muslims living in Jerusalem.Israel0s %erspective:"he Israelis thin! they should have nearly total control over Jerusalem. 1rom the 2ebre+ bible, Jerusalem is the centre of Earth and 4D promises Jerusalem to the Je+s. / years, the land +here Israel is here no+, +ere con5uered by the Egyptians, %ersians, ree!s etc$ "hey +ere e6pelled but they returned to there after the second +orld +ar and no+ they have control over Jerusalem after &'().%alestinians perspective:East +as controlled by Jordan, +hich are the %alestinians but it +as ta!en by the Israelis. *o+ they hope that the %alestinians can ta!e bac! the East Jerusalem since it is the third holiest place, there are the dome of roc! and al785sa Mos5ue, +here Mohammed is told to have visited heaven on his +inged stee! 9ura!. %ossible solutions: "+o7state solution, Israeli control the %alestinians but giving them aids and help for issue & %alestinian state;, #est ban! barrier decrease barrier but increase chec!points for issue / security concern;, %alestinian control over most of East Jerusalem, Israel total control over Jerusalem for issue 3 Jerusalem;4n the issue of %alestinian state <et it be resolved by a "+o7state solution. 8 "+o7state solution is that the Israelis and 8rabs are separated, and the Israel creates a Je+ish state, the %alestinians create an 8rab state. Israel must offer land for the 8rabs and let the %alestinians refugee to go to their state. In both state, %alestinians and Israelis can choose to +hich state +ant to live. 1or the t+o7state solution to happen, the %alestinian state must tell 2amas not to attac! Israel also to prevent the %alestinians have their o+n +eapon to attac! Israel in their state= they need to let the >nited *ations members to chec! their state. If any  +eapons are found to attac! the Israelis. "he Israelis can patrol in those states and clear out all the +eapons, also they have the po+er to ta!e over that state. "his rule applies to both sides.
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