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  ಸ /- ಪೕ   ತಕ   ಕಟಕ   ೕಕ      ಆೕಗ . ಕಟಕ   ೕಕ   ಆೕಗ , ಉೕಗ   ಧ , ಂಗ -560001 ಜಲಪಲ   ಇಯ   ಸಯಕ   ಅತರರ      ಯ   ಅತರರ   ಗಕಯ   ಕನಡ      ಪೕ  / ಸತಕ   ಪೕಗ   ಂಕ :08-09-2017 ಂದ  10-09-2017 ರವ ಪಶ   ಪತ  / ADMIT CARD ಅಭಯ   ಸ  / Name of the Candidate ::AMARESH ANGADI ಂದ   ತ  / Center Code ::009 - Raichur ಪೕ   ಂದ   ಪವ   ನ   ಗಮಸದ   ಪಖ   ಚಗ 1. ಳನ   ಅಶನ  9:30   / ಮಹದ   ಅಶನ  1:30    ಅಭಗ   ಪೕ   ಠಳ   ಜರತಕ . ಳನ   ಅಶನ  9:45 ಯ   ತರ  / ಮಹದ   ಅಶನ  1:45 ಯ   ತರ   ಬವ      ಅಭಗಳ   ಪೕಂದಳ   ಪಸ   ಅಮಸಲ . Candidates should be present in the examination hall at 09-30 AM forforenoon session and 01-30 PM for afternoon session. Candidates will not be allowed to the examination hall after 09-45 AM for forenoon session & 01-45 PM for afternoon session.2. ಅಭಗ   ಪೕ   ಉಪ   ಂದಗ   ಪಶ   ಪತ      ಅವರ   ಅಂ   ಅೕ   ದ   ಆ      ಪಂಜಪ   ಕಯ . ಆ      ಪಯ   ಅ   ಸ   ಆರ      ೕಗದ   ಅಭಗ   ೕೕ   ಇವಮಂ   ನ   ೕಯ  ( ೖಂ    / ವ   ಐ .   (EPIC)/    ೕ /      / ಸ   ಕರರಐ .  .) ಕಯ   ಜಪಸ . ಲಂಡ   ನ   ೕಯ   ಜಪಸ   ಇತಹ   ಅಭಗ   ಪಶವಕಸ . Candidates are required to produce their admission ticket with Aadhaar card which they haveuploaded with application. Candidates who have applied with acknowledgement and not received Aadhaar Card arerequired to produce other Photo Identity Card(Driving License, Voter ID (EPIC), Passport, Pan Card, Govt. EmployeeID). Candidates will not be allowed to examination hall without photo identity card as referred above.3. ಅಭಗ    ,  ,  , ಟ      ಮ   ಇತ      ಎ   ಉಪಕರಣಗಳ   ಪೕ   ಂದತದ   ಣ   ಸ . ಆ   ಅಭ   ಪೕ   ಠಯ   ಇಗಳ   ಇಂದ   ಅಂತಹಅಭಯ   ದ   ಆೕಗ      ಕಮ   ತ . Mobiles, tab, Bluetooth, digital watch and other electronic devicesare strictly prohibited in the examination hall. Any candidate found to have any electronic devices in examination hallwill be liable to disciplinary action by the Commission. ೕಂದ  RegisterNo ಪೕಂಕ ಸಮಯ ಪ / ಷಯ ಷಯತಪೕ   ಉಪ   ಂದ   ತ  / ಸೕಕರಸ 107480010-09-2017   10:00 ಂದ 11:30 ಯವಸಯಕ   ಅತರರ   ಗ   ನ   ಪ -1(General Paper) (Paper I) ( ವ   ಷ   ಬ   ಆ   ದ )268003, GOVT PU COLLEGE FOR BOYS, RAICHURU-584101, . ಮಹ  2:00 ಂದ 4:00 ಯವಷ   ಪ -2 (Specific paper)(Paper II) ( ವ   ಷ   ಬ   ಆ   ದ ) ಕ  (Mechanical)270 ಅಭಗ   ಚಗಳ   ಈ   ಳ   ವ , ಚಗಳ   ಕಯ   ಓಳತಕ . 1. ಜಲಪಲ   ಇಯ   ಸಯಕ   ಅತರರ / ಯ   ಅತರರ   ಗ   ಕಯ   ಕನಡ      ಪೕ      ವಷಬ   ಆ   ದಯ   ಎರ   ಪಗಳ   ಒಳಂತ . The Assistant Engineer and Junior Engineer posts in the dept. of water resources shall consist of two papers of objective type (multiple choice) and compulsory kannada languageexam. ..P.T.O  2. ಅಭಗ   ೕವ   ಬ   ರತ   ಓ . ಎಂ . ಆ   ಉತರ   ಪ   ಪಯ , ಅದರ   ತದ   ೕಂದ      ತನೕವ   ಪಶ   ಪತದವ   ೕಂದ      ತ   ಎಂಬ   ಬ   ಪೕಳತಕ . ತರ   ಓ . ಎಂ . ಆ   ಉತರಯ   ಗಪದ   ಗದ   ತಪ   ಣ   ಸ      ಉತಸ   ಸ . ಸ   ಇಲದ   ಓ . ಎಂ . ಆ   ಉತರ   ಯರಪಸತ . The OMR supplied to you is carbonless & is in duplicate. Before marking answers you are required toverify the Register Number printed on OMR sheet matches with the Register Number printed on your Admit Card.Candidates are required to sign only in the place provided for candidate’s signature in the OMR, unsigned OMR will berejected.3. ಓ . ಎಂ . ಆ   ಉತರ   ಪಯ   ತವ   ಪ   ಪಯ   ೕ  (A,B,C ಇ .,)    ಮ   ಸರಬ   ವ   ಪಪಯ   ೕ   ಒಂ   ಆರ , ವಸದ   ಠ   ರಕರ   ಪ   ಓ . ಎಂ . ಆ   ಉತರ   ಪಯತವ   ಪ   ಪಯ   ೕಳ   ಪ   ಪಯೕ   ಪಳತಕ . Candidates are required to verify whetherthe question paper version code (like, A,B,C etc.,) printed on the OMR sheet matches with the question paper suppliedto them. If there is variation, candidates can contact the room supervisor and get the question paper of the sameversion code which is printed on the OMR supplied to them.4. ಋತಕ   ಲಪನ   ಒಳಂಡ   ಲಂ   ಪಗ , ಅಂದ   ಕದ   ಉತರ      ಕವಲದ   ಉತರ      ಅಂಕಗಳ   ೕಡವ   ಪಗಳ   ರಪ   ಎ   ತ   ಉತರಗ   ಋತಕ   ಲಪನ   ಳ   ವ   ಇತ .There shall be negative marking for incorrect answers (as detailed below) for all questions except some of thequestions where the negative marking shall be inbuilt in the form of different marks being awarded to the mostappropriate and not so appropriate answer for such questions.5. ಪಂ   ಪ  04 ಪಯ   ಉತರಗ , ಅಭ   ತ   ಉತರ   ೕವ   ಪಂ   ಪ   ಗಪದ   ಅಂಕಗಳ 0.25 ರ   ಅಂದ  ¼ ರ   ಅಂಕಗಳ   ಕಯ . There will be four alternative answers to each question, ¼ thmarks i.e, 0.25 marks assigned for that question will be deducted for each wrong answer.6. ಅಭ   ಒಂ   ಪ   ಒಂದಂತ   ನ   ಉತರಗಳ   ನ      ಅದರ   ನವ   ಒಂ   ಉತರಸದ   ಸಹ   ಅದ   ತ   ಉತರಂ   ಪಗ         ಅಂಕಗಳ   ಕಯ . If a candidate marksmore than one answer to a question, it shall be considered as a wrong answer even if one of the answers is correct andmarks will be deducted as referred above.7.    ಪಯ      ದ   ಅಥ      ಉತರ   ಸದ  , ಅಂತಹ   ಪ   ಅಂಕಗಳ   ಕಯಲ . If any question is left blank or unanswered no marks will be deducted for such questions.8. ಪ   ಪ   ಕನಡ   ಮ   ಇಂೕ   ಎರ   ಯ   ತತ . ಕನಡ   ಯವ   ಪ   ಪಯ   ದವಸ   ಡ   ಇಂೕ   ಆಯ   ೕಳಬ      ಇಂೕ   ಆಯ   ಅಂಮತ . Questionpapers will be printed in Kannada & English languages. Discrepancy if any in the Kannada version question paper,questions printed in English version can be referred to. However, in such cases question printed in English shall beconsidered as final.9. ನ   ೕ   ನ   ಸ   ವ   ದ   ಅದರ   ತವ   ವತ , ಸ   ಮ   ೕಂದ    ,    ಇತವರಗ   ತನ   ಎಂದ   ಅಭಗ   ಖತಪಳತಕ . ಪೕ   ದ   ತರ   ಅಭಗ   ಅವರ   ಬ   ರತಓ . ಎಂ . ಆ   ಉತರ   ಯ   ಪಯ   ೕಡ . ಇದ   ಅಂಮ   ಆ   ಪ   ಪಕಟವವ   ೕನರಳ   ಮ   ಆೕಗ      ದಭದ   ಜಪಸ   ದ   ತಪ   ಜಪಸ . Beforesigning in the nominal roll, confirm whether the name, photograph, register number and all other particulars printedcorresponds to you. Immediately after examination the duplicate copy of the OMR sheet will be issued to you, whichmust be preserved until completion of the recruitment process & shall be produced whenever Commission requires.10. ಅಭಗ   ಅವಗ   ವ   ಪೕ   ಉಪ   ಂದವ   ಪೕ   ಂನ   ನ   ೕ   ಪೕಳತಕ , ಇದಂದಪೕ   ನ   ಸಲದ   ಂದವ   ತಪ   ಅಲತ . Candidates should verify the examination centreallotted to them a day prior to the examination so that they can reach the examination centre timely on the day of examination.11. ಈ   ಸತಕ   ಪೕ   ಪಶ   ಕ , ಅಭ  online ಅಯ   ೕವ   ಯರ   ೕಡ .Admission to competative examination is purely provisional & based on the information furnished by the candidates inthe online application.12. ನ   ಪೕ   ಚಗಳ   ಉಲಂದ , ಓ . ಎಂ . ಆ   ಉತರ      ಅಂಸ   ಅಲ   ಆೕಗ   ವ   ಕಮ   ೕ   ರೕ . Failure to adhere to the instructions given will lead to rejection of your OMR answersheet & will also be liable for disciplinary action by the Commission.13. ಅಭಗ  Scientific non programmable calculator ಗಳ   ಷ   ಪಗ   ತ   ಉಪೕಸಬ . ಟಗಳ   ಪೕಲ   ಡ   ತಜರ   ೕಸ . ಅಭಗ   ತಮವ   ಟ   ಗಳ   ಪೕಲತಜ   ೕಡ . Candidates can use Scientific non programmable calculator only for specific paper. Experts aredeputed for verification of calculators . candidates are required to produce their calculator for verification. ಅಭ   ಪೕಯ   ಅತ   ಗವ   ಅಸವಂ / ಂ   ಅಥ   ಅಸಸ   ಪಯಂ / ಂಅಥ   ಅವರ   ಮಯ   ಧದ      ಇತ   ಅಕಮ   ಮ   ಅತ   ಗವ   ಅವವಂ      ದಅವ / ಅವ   ಸ   ನ   ವವಹರಗ   ಮ      ಕಮ   ಒಳಪದಲ , ಅಭತವ   ರಪಸ   ಅಥಆೕಗ   ನವ   ಪೕಗ   ಅಥ   ಂದ   ೕಕ   ಆೕಗ / ರತದನ   ಇತ   ೕಕ   ಆೕಗಗ   ನವಪೕಗಂದ      ಡ . A candidate found to be guilty of using any unfair means during the examination or subsequently violating any of theinstructions issued by the Commission; or misbehaving in the examination hall, may in addition to renderinghimself/herself liable to criminal prosecution and to disciplinary action shall be disqualified by the Commission and; orbe debarred either permanently or for a specified period by the Commission, from admission to any examination orselection conducted by it or UPSC/ other State Public Service Commission.
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