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  ANNEX 1BGENERAL AGREEMENT ON TRADE IN SERVICES PART I SCOPE AND DEFINITIONArticle IScope and DefinitionPART IIGENERAL OBLIGATIONS AND DISCIPLINESArticle IIMost-Fao!red-Nation Treat"entArticle IIITransparenc#Article III bis Disclos!re of Confidential Infor"ationArticle I$Increasin% Participation of Deelopin% Co!ntriesArticle $Econo"ic Inte%rationArticle $ bis La&o!r Mar'ets Inte%ration A%ree"entsArticle $IDo"estic Re%!lationArticle $IIReco%nitionArticle $IIIMonopolies and E(cl!sie Serice S!ppliersArticle I)B!siness PracticesArticle )E"er%enc# Safe%!ard Meas!resArticle )IPa#"ents and TransfersArticle )IIRestrictions to Safe%!ard t*e Balance of Pa#"entsArticle )IIIGoern"ent Proc!re"entArticle )I$General E(ceptionsArticle )I$ bis Sec!rit# E(ceptionsArticle )$S!&sidiesPART IIISPECIFIC COMMITMENTSArticle )$IMar'et AccessArticle )$IINational Treat"entArticle )$IIIAdditional Co""it"entsPART I$PROGRESSI$E LIBERALI+ATIONArticle )I)Ne%otiation of Specific Co""it"entsArticle ))Sc*ed!les of Specific Co""it"entsArticle ))IModification of Sc*ed!lesPART $INSTIT,TIONAL PRO$ISIONSArticle ))IICons!ltationArticle ))IIIDisp!te Settle"ent and Enforce"entArticle ))I$Co!ncil for Trade in SericesArticle ))$Tec*nical CooperationArticle ))$IRelations*ip it* Ot*er International Or%ani.ationsPART $IFINAL PRO$ISIONSArticle ))$IIDenial of Benefits  Article ))$IIIDefinitionsArticle ))I)Anne(esAnne( on Article II E(e"ptionsAnne( on Moe"ent of Nat!ral Persons S!ppl#in% Serices !nder t*e A%ree"entAnne( on Air Transport SericesAnne( on Financial SericesSecond Anne( on Financial SericesAnne( on Ne%otiations on Mariti"e Transport SericesAnne( on Teleco""!nicationsAnne( on Ne%otiations on Basic Teleco""!nications GENERAL AGREEMENT ON TRADE IN SERVICES  Members, Recognizing   t*e %roin% i"portance of trade in serices for t*e %rot* and deelop"ent of t*e orld econo"#/ Wishing   to esta&lis* a "!ltilateral fra"eor' of principles and r!les for trade in serices it* a ie to t*e e(pansion of s!c* trade !nder conditions of transparenc# and pro%ressie li&erali.ation and as a "eans of pro"otin% t*e econo"ic %rot* of all tradin% partners and t*e deelop"ent of deelopin% co!ntries/  Desiring   t*e earl# ac*iee"ent of pro%ressiel# *i%*er leels of li&erali.ation of trade in serices t*ro!%* s!ccessie ro!nds of "!ltilateral ne%otiations ai"ed at pro"otin% t*e interests of all  participants on a "!t!all# adanta%eo!s &asis and at sec!rin% an oerall &alance of ri%*ts and o&li%ations0 *ile %iin% d!e respect to national polic# o&1ecties/  Recognizing   t*e ri%*t of Me"&ers to re%!late0 and to introd!ce ne re%!lations0 on t*e s!ppl# of serices it*in t*eir territories in order to "eet national polic# o&1ecties and0 %ien as#""etries e(istin% it* respect to t*e de%ree of deelop"ent of serices re%!lations in different co!ntries0 t*e  partic!lar need of deelopin% co!ntries to e(ercise t*is ri%*t/  Desiring   to facilitate t*e increasin% participation of deelopin% co!ntries in trade in serices and t*e e(pansion of t*eir serice e(ports incl!din%0 inter alia 0 t*ro!%* t*e stren%t*enin% of t*eir do"estic serices capacit# and its efficienc# and co"petitieness/ Taking   partic!lar acco!nt of t*e serio!s diffic!lt# of t*e least-deeloped co!ntries in ie of t*eir special econo"ic sit!ation and t*eir deelop"ent0 trade and financial needs/2ere&# agree  as follos3PART ISCOPE AND DEFINITION  Article I Scope and Definition  45T*is A%ree"ent applies to "eas!res &# Me"&ers affectin% trade in serices565For t*e p!rposes of t*is A%ree"ent0 trade in serices is defined as t*e s!ppl# of a serice37a8fro" t*e territor# of one Me"&er into t*e territor# of an# ot*er Me"&er/7&8in t*e territor# of one Me"&er to t*e serice cons!"er of an# ot*er Me"&er/7c8&# a serice s!pplier of one Me"&er0 t*ro!%* co""ercial presence in t*e territor# of an# ot*er Me"&er/7d8&# a serice s!pplier of one Me"&er0 t*ro!%* presence of nat!ral persons of a Me"&er in t*e territor# of an# ot*er Me"&er595For t*e p!rposes of t*is A%ree"ent37a8:"eas!res &# Me"&ers: "eans "eas!res ta'en &#37i8central0 re%ional or local %oern"ents and a!t*orities/ and 7ii8non-%oern"ental &odies in t*e e(ercise of poers dele%ated &# central0 re%ional or local %oern"ents or a!t*orities/In f!lfillin% its o&li%ations and co""it"ents !nder t*e A%ree"ent0 eac* Me"&er s*all ta'e s!c* reasona&le "eas!res as "a# &e aaila&le to it to ens!re t*eir o&serance &# re%ional and local %oern"ents and a!t*orities and non-%oern"ental &odies it*in its territor#/7&8:serices: incl!des an# serice in an# sector e(cept serices s!pplied in t*e e(ercise of %oern"ental a!t*orit#/7c8:a serice s!pplied in t*e e(ercise of %oern"ental a!t*orit#: "eans an# serice *ic* is s!pplied neit*er on a co""ercial &asis0 nor in co"petition it* one or "ore serice s!ppliers5PART IIGENERAL OBLIGATIONS AND DISCIPLINES  Article II  Most-Fao!red-"ation Treatment  45;it* respect to an# "eas!re coered &# t*is A%ree"ent0 eac* Me"&er s*all accord i""ediatel# and !nconditionall# to serices and serice s!ppliers of an# ot*er Me"&er treat"ent no less fao!ra&le t*an t*at it accords to li'e serices and serice s!ppliers of an# ot*er co!ntr#565A Me"&er "a# "aintain a "eas!re inconsistent it* para%rap* 4 proided t*at s!c* a "eas!re is listed in0 and "eets t*e conditions of0 t*e Anne( on Article II E(e"ptions595T*e proisions of t*is A%ree"ent s*all not &e so constr!ed as to preent an# Me"&er fro" conferrin% or accordin% adanta%es to ad1acent co!ntries in order to facilitate e(c*an%es li"ited to conti%!o!s frontier .ones of serices t*at are &ot* locall# prod!ced and cons!"ed5   Article III Transparenc# 45Eac* Me"&er s*all p!&lis* pro"ptl# and0 e(cept in e"er%enc# sit!ations0 at t*e latest &# t*e ti"e of t*eir entr# into force0 all releant "eas!res of %eneral application *ic* pertain to or affect t*e operation of t*is A%ree"ent5 International a%ree"ents pertainin% to or affectin% trade in serices to *ic* a Me"&er is a si%nator# s*all also &e p!&lis*ed565;*ere p!&lication as referred to in para%rap* 4 is not practica&le0 s!c* infor"ation s*all &e "ade ot*erise p!&licl# aaila&le595Eac* Me"&er s*all pro"ptl# and at least ann!all# infor" t*e Co!ncil for Trade in Serices of t*e introd!ction of an# ne0 or an# c*an%es to e(istin%0 las0 re%!lations or ad"inistratie %!idelines *ic* si%nificantl# affect trade in serices coered &# its specific co""it"ents !nder t*is A%ree"ent5<5Eac* Me"&er s*all respond pro"ptl# to all re=!ests &# an# ot*er Me"&er for specific infor"ation on an# of its "eas!res of %eneral application or international a%ree"ents it*in t*e "eanin% of para%rap* 45 Eac* Me"&er s*all also esta&lis* one or "ore en=!ir# points to proide specific infor"ation to ot*er Me"&ers0 !pon re=!est0 on all s!c* "atters as ell as t*ose s!&1ect to t*e notification re=!ire"ent in para%rap* 95 S!c* en=!ir# points s*all &e esta&lis*ed it*in to #ears fro" t*e date of entr# into force of t*e A%ree"ent Esta&lis*in% t*e ;TO 7referred to in t*is A%ree"ent as t*e :;TO A%ree"ent:85 Appropriate fle(i&ilit# it* respect to t*e ti"e-li"it it*in *ic* s!c* en=!ir# points are to &e esta&lis*ed "a# &e a%reed !pon for indiid!al deelopin% co!ntr# Me"&ers5 En=!ir# points need not &e depositories of las and re%!lations5>5An# Me"&er "a# notif# to t*e Co!ncil for Trade in Serices an# "eas!re0 ta'en &# an# ot*er Me"&er0 *ic* it considers affects t*e operation of t*is A%ree"ent5  Article III bis Disclos!re of $onfidential Information  Not*in% in t*is A%ree"ent s*all re=!ire an# Me"&er to proide confidential infor"ation0 t*e disclos!re of *ic* o!ld i"pede la enforce"ent0 or ot*erise &e contrar# to t*e p!&lic interest0 or *ic* o!ld pre1!dice le%iti"ate co""ercial interests of partic!lar enterprises0 p!&lic or priate5  Article I%  Increasing &articipation of Deeloping $o!ntries 45T*e increasin% participation of deelopin% co!ntr# Me"&ers in orld trade s*all &e facilitated t*ro!%* ne%otiated specific co""it"ents0 &# different Me"&ers p!rs!ant to Parts III and I$ of t*is A%ree"ent0 relatin% to37a8t*e stren%t*enin% of t*eir do"estic serices capacit# and its efficienc# and co"petitieness0 inter alia  t*ro!%* access to tec*nolo%# on a co""ercial &asis/  7&8t*e i"proe"ent of t*eir access to distri&!tion c*annels and infor"ation netor's/ and7c8t*e li&erali.ation of "ar'et access in sectors and "odes of s!ppl# of e(port interest to t*e"565Deeloped co!ntr# Me"&ers0 and to t*e e(tent possi&le ot*er Me"&ers0 s*all esta&lis* contact points it*in to #ears fro" t*e date of entr# into force of t*e ;TO A%ree"ent to facilitate t*e access of deelopin% co!ntr# Me"&ers? serice s!ppliers to infor"ation0 related to t*eir respectie "ar'ets0 concernin%37a8co""ercial and tec*nical aspects of t*e s!ppl# of serices/7&8re%istration0 reco%nition and o&tainin% of professional =!alifications/ and7c8t*e aaila&ilit# of serices tec*nolo%#595Special priorit# s*all &e %ien to t*e least-deeloped co!ntr# Me"&ers in t*e i"ple"entation of para%rap*s 4 and 65 Partic!lar acco!nt s*all &e ta'en of t*e serio!s diffic!lt# of t*e least-deeloped co!ntries in acceptin% ne%otiated specific co""it"ents in ie of t*eir special econo"ic sit!ation and t*eir deelop"ent0 trade and financial needs5  Article %  'conomic Integration 45T*is A%ree"ent s*all not preent an# of its Me"&ers fro" &ein% a part# to or enterin% into an a%ree"ent li& trade in serices &eteen or a"on% t*e parties to s!c* an a%ree"ent0 proided t*at s!c* an a%ree"ent37a8*as s!&stantial sectoral coera%e 4 0 and 7&8proides for t*e a&sence or eli"ination of s!&stantiall# all discri"ination0 in t*e sense of Article )$II0 &eteen or a"on% t*e parties0 in t*e sectors coered !nder s!&para%rap* 7a80 t*ro!%*37i8eli"ination of e(istin% discri"inator# "eas!res0 and@or 7ii8pro*i&ition of ne or "ore discri"inator# "eas!res0eit*er at t*e entr# into force of t*at a%ree"ent or on t*e &asis of a reasona&le ti"e-fra"e0 e(cept for "eas!res per"itted !nder Articles )I0 )II0 )I$ and )I$ &is565In eal!atin% *et*er t*e conditions !nder para%rap* 47&8 are "et0 consideration "a# &e %ien to t*e relations*ip of t*e a%ree"ent to a ider process of econo"ic inte%ration or trade li&erali.ation a"on% t*e co!ntries concerned5 957a8;*ere deelopin% co!ntries are parties to an a%ree"ent of t*e t#pe referred to in  para%rap* 40 fle(i&ilit# s*all &e proided for re%ardin% t*e conditions set o!t in para%rap* 40 4  T*is condition is !nderstood in ter"s of n!"&er of sectors0 ol!"e of trade affected and "odes of s!ppl#5 In order to "eet t*is condition0 a%ree"ents s*o!ld not proide for t*e a priori  e(cl!sion of an# "ode of s!ppl#5
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